You Must Know: hCG Diet & Diabetes or High Blood Pressure Is it safe for a diabetic or someone with high blood pressure to do the hCG diet? Do I keep taking my diabetes medici…

5 thoughts on “You Must Know: hCG Diet & Diabetes or High Blood Pressure

  1. i lost 130 before with HCG and now i’m down 16 lbs in 2 weeks, and after
    years of plateauing this broke it 🙂 I swear by HCG, it has saved my life.
    and It wasn’t the first thing I tried, I did Paleo, Daniels Fast,
    phentermine, 1200 calorie diet, and diabetic diet on top of weight
    training, kickboxing and zumba weekly in 2 years never lost a pound.. HCG
    is the only thing effective for my weight loss!

  2. My family laughed when I told them I was going to burn up fat with \”Xvelte
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  3. I was going to see Dr. Harte for about a year. One day I was told that
    there would be a price increase in the monthly service I had signed up for.
    I had signed up to get monthly shots of vitamins and blood work. They told
    me that they had not been charging enough for their services. I was shocked
    when they told me that the increase would be DOUBLE what I had been paying.
    I had already been dealing with them canceling appointments and this was
    the final straw for me. I found another doctor and when I called to have my
    last lab work faxed, Harte’s office told me I had to pay $30 to have it
    faxed. The receptionist named Christy (who was incredibly short and cold)
    explained I should have already had these lab reports. I explained to her I
    didn’t have them because the doctor cancelled my last consult appointment.
    She told me I should have rescheduled. I then asked to speak with the
    doctor. She said she speaks for the doctor and refused to let me leave a
    message. She did give me the email address which I wrote to. I heard
    back……from the same receptionist.

    I later found out that it is illegal to withhold these. However, they still
    have not been sent. Also, she gave me a bag of syringes to take home every
    month. Testosterone and other things. This is also illegal I found out
    unless she has a pharmacists license. I cannot find anywhere on her website
    that she does. I also have reason to believe that the meds she was given me
    were placebos or diluted. I have a friend who had the same testosterone
    levels from the first lab to the last, a year later. My doctor says this is
    highly unlikely. Also I feel very different now with a new doctor.

    I do not recommend this doctor and think her practice is very shady. If
    anything I believe she needs to be reported. You can read more reviews on
    Yelp. Wish I would have looked at that before going to her.

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