Yolie’s hCG day 1 injection/load day

I did it! I injected hCG successfully and it really was painless. With that I kick off my 23 day protocol and plan on losing the ten pounds just gained plus …

9 thoughts on “Yolie’s hCG day 1 injection/load day

  1. Thanks, Mumzee. I do wonder this; do you know how many 200 ml doses I can
    get out of 5000 iu’s? I can figure it out but if you know then I appreciate
    if you share it with me :} thanks

  2. If when you inject, you do about 1/3 and count to 10, then a 1/3 and count
    to 10, etc. that gives the solution more time to absorb and you won’t get
    any “burning” afterwards, at least that works for me. 25 million Americans
    give themselves Insulin injections for diabetes daily, so we can do this to
    AVOID getting diabetes! LOL Being “fat” is NOT normal. . Cravings are
    always about carbs. Read “The South Beach Diet” book by Arthur Agatston,
    M.D. . It is good to follow on Phase 3.

  3. Right, Jibbie. Thanks. I will try that. Ice helps too. Being fat is normal,
    as it’s the norm in this country. But I get what you’re saying. For most of
    us it is a disease. I don’t want this disease anymore. And I will get that
    South Beach book too because p3 is the most important phase I hear. I like
    Gabriel Method, too. It describes how our nutrient deficient society plays
    a role in obesity and gets into the chemistry about it. Eye opening. 🙂

  4. I’m just starting with hcg too, and It’s my first 2 vlogs in the last week.
    Good luck! Theresa

  5. You may want to set your loaded syringe out for a few minutes before you
    inject to warm it to room temp. A cold injection will sting a bit. And
    inject slowly too.

  6. Hi hockeymom. Thanks for the tip. I thought about that also, letting it
    warm up, good idea. And I need to pull back slightly on the syringe and
    make sure theres no blood before injecting because I didnt do that today,
    and I ended up bleeding a tiny bit. So I musta hit a blood vessel. I will
    know better next time. 🙂

  7. Good day! I’m Olivia.I did -35 lbs past one week.Go to baluht.com

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