Why you Need HCG Diet Plan Help

It is advisable to examine the Hcg diet plan first before applying it. You’ll read a few unfavorable things concerning it like it is not specially healthy. The unfavorable feedback, however, are mostly untrue, still it is great to get a HCG diet plan help to make sure you receive full benefits from the HCG program. Among numerous fat loss diet programs nowadays, it is considered to be the quickest.

The HCG diet has two versions. The original was formulated and presented in the late 1960?s by Dr ATW Simeon. A slightly different version was introduced by Kevin Trudeau. The latter?s version has more phases while the former has just three – the diet proper, your maintenance diet and your permanent diet. Both, however, is a 500 calorie a day diet made up mostly of protein, fiber and water for cleansing the body of toxins and activating the properties of the Hcg, which is a hormone known to cut down cravings for food and accelerating the metabolic process. Everyday you are required to consume 125 to 200 IUs of this hormone.

Kevin Trudeau’s HCG diet plan comes with a month of preparations. It will require you to undergo periodic body cleansing, eat foods that are healthful and engage in some light exercises daily. The usual 3 day food load-up is next then followed by the diet proper, a 26 day routine.

The foods allowed in the 26 day diet in Dr. ATW Simeon’s original version like Kevin Trudeau’s are limited and specific. When you prepare meals you are to adhere to recommended measurements closely. There are a lot of things you have to avoid like food condiments that can increase the calories in your meals. You are not to come into contact with substances like cosmetics that contain fats. Solid food for breakfast is absolutely prohibited. You are allowed just a teaspoonful of milk but you are allowed limitless amounts of coffee or tea.

Even if you are intently staying with the correct procedures troubles may still develop. People normally won’t exhibit the same reactions to precisely the same stimuli. Hence, to enjoy the maximum benefits the Hcg weight loss method provides, you have to have HCG diet plan help that you can get from HCG internet sites, HCG diet community forums and the book “Pounds and inches” authored by Dr. ATW. Simeon.

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