Why It Is That The HCG Diet Plan Works Where Other Diet Plans Fail

You’re just so sick of being over weight that you could scream. Your clothes don’t fit. You’re uncomfortable all the time. Your back and knees are shot. And truth be told you find looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror every morning a depressing prospect. Just what happened to the trim body you had in college? You do not have an issue with being twenty five years older it is the fifity pounds heavier that’s wearing you down both mentally and physically. You’ve tried other diets but they simply have not worked. you’d like to try biking even jogging but, honestly, until you lose a little bit of weight it does not even seem feasible. If you could only get your weight under control perhaps you could turn things around. As it is you’re depressed and feel prisoner inside a body you don’t even recognize anymore.

You ought to try the hCG diet plan.

## Not another diet plan! Do you know just how many diet plans I have attempted in the last ten years?

You sound frustrated and I can understand why. The diet industry is rife with fad diets that simply do not work. The hCG diet is somewhat different though. It is an effective, aggressive, low-calorie diet that is entirely made possible through the administration of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin or hCG.

## Hold on, I think I have heard of this one before. Is this the pregnancy hormone diet?

That’s right. First developed in the 1950’s by British endocrinologist, A.T.W. Simeons, the hCG diet uses the hormone to help maintain metabolic health and suppress hunger while on calorically restrictive diets.

## So I am perplexed, what exactly is causing the weight loss, is it the the diet or the hormone?

Folks following the hCG diet plan are shedding weight because of the restrictive caloric nature of the diet. It is the hCG, however, which makes the diet feasible to begin with. It accomplishes this in a couple of ways. First, by ensuring that the body’s metabolism does not bottom out, as would usually be the case under extremely low calorie conditions, it affords users the full and ongoing benefit of their reduced caloric intake. Second it functions as an eventual appetite suppressant which in turn helps users stick to the diet plan.

## Just how restrictive is the diet and how much weight can I lose on this plan?

The diet isn’t really restrictive in terms of what you are permitted to eat, at least not compared to quite a few diets. It is restrictive instead merely in terms of calories. The hCG diet plan demands one to strictly abide by a 500 calorie per day limit. This admittedly seems extreme and without using hCG it wouldn’t be advisable. People following hCG weight management guidelines should expect to lose up to a pound a day or more on an ongoing basis.

## Where can I get my hands on this stuff?

It is possible to order hCG online from numerous sites. It can be bought either as injections or sublingual (placed under the tongue) drops. It’s important if you’re ordering hCG to ensure that you are getting pharmaceutical grade product.

If you are truly sick of being overweight and are willing to invest in a solution with proven results hCG is your best option for safe dramatic weight loss. In a month you could be looking at a body in the mirror that you haven’t seen for quite some time.

Learn how HCG weight management works and is made possible through the elevation of the natural HCG levels already found in the body.

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