Why Dr. Simeon’s HCG Diet Plan Doesn’t work?

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18 thoughts on “Why Dr. Simeon’s HCG Diet Plan Doesn’t work?

  1. Colin, a question please concerning this video: So what you are saying is
    that people aren’t eating enough protein and that Simeon’s protein levels
    are too low for todays world, correct? So to make this simple, can you tell
    me calorie wise how much protein should be ingested daily? Is it 800
    calories worth of protein daily like many are doing? Or 1200 calories in
    protein? Or do you even have to worry about how much protein you ingest, as
    long as you don’t raise your carbs? Thanks for your help!

  2. Hello, I recently started weight training but wanted to start the hcg diet.
    I do not want ton stop weight training, would it be a good idea to keep my
    protein shakes on the diet to continue weight training ? what are your

  3. Good Stuff Colin. I’ve witnessed this in both my own journey and my wife’s.
    The most encouraging thing is that it’s a simple fix that really works to
    keep the ball rolling. Thanks for your ongoing encouragement.

  4. I am using Organic meats, however I disagree with your hypothesis. I have
    followed ‘Weight Loss Apocolypse’ and have shed an amazing amount of
    weight. Her theory is to only eat when hungry….which some days puts me at
    300 calories as I am only eating the protein…which is also her
    recomendation. She treats the protocol as a time to emotionally ‘divorce’
    food, and learn a new relationship. Listening to my body, the last day or
    two I have been near 400 calories but have not had one stall.

  5. thanks for the tips, I am just starting and this is good to know. I am on
    day 2 so no stall yet, but I will be buying organic on my next shopping
    trip. I do find myself hungry, but they say that goes away in about 7
    days….cant wait for that, nothing like hunger pains all day!

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