Why Do We Need Carbohydrates In The Diet

Carbohydrates are very important part of our diet.With the hectic and busy schedule of daily lifestyles, everyone needs a high energy content to survive and function appropriately. One often ask why do we need carbohydrates in the diet. Of course its very simple, they give maximum energy, they help accelerate the body metabolic processes and gains real body growth in every individual, both children and adults.

Carbohydrates has many food sources which comes from plant sources such as fruits and vegetables like guava, pawpaw, watermelon, apples, banana, grains and cereals like wheat, corn, oats, pasta, potatoes and bread . The former has low carbohydrate content while the latter has high carbohydrate content and thereby gives more energy when consumed.They are very cheap and any one can buy it as there are numerous sources available everywhere.

Starchy foods are divided into simple sugar and complex sugar.The simple sugar are those that breaks down easily and gets absorbed into the bloodstream and used up immediately for cell functioning. Their sources are some fruits and cereals, grains. Meanwhile complex sugar gives more fiber to the body.Such sources like bread, pasta, wholewheat and some vegetables.Generally carbohydrate diets are very rich in fiber and helps one to keep regular always.

When carbohydrates are eaten, they break down into glucose which is sugar absorbed into the blood that produces energy. However, this glucose is further broken down into glycogen and stored in the liver for later use.With high rate of energy consuming activities daily, glucose in the blood is used up faster and needs constant replacement which triggers off hunger pangs for more glucose to supply more energy.That is the importance of a high carbohydrate diet to service the brain to perform properly.

Carbohydrates are very paramount for every daily balanced diet for young people, kids and adults because of the high energy content and also, people in sports basically need high carbohydrate diet to gain energy required for their performance . Those building muscles and losing weight need carbohydrate diet to gain energy. Meanwhile those with diseases like diabetes are advised to check their insulin levels and also those suffering from hypoglycemia should prevent low sugar levels too .

Nevertheless, it is advised to consult a dietician to be on the safe side, to give advice on the basic balance of carbohydrate content to consume in accordance with ones body mass index to avoid problems like anorexia . Carbohydrates are very important in a diet to make it a balanced diet for healthy living and energy production.

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