What!!! Hcg Hormone Free! So Laughable! I’m losing weight on it!

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25 thoughts on “What!!! Hcg Hormone Free! So Laughable! I’m losing weight on it!

  1. This is really good to know! Especially because the possible side effects
    for women are reproductive issues… I had a lot of pain during periods
    with the regular hcg… so I am excited to give this a try! thanks for
    sharing your experience! You look Great! 🙂

  2. can i email you an artical about hormone free hcg.. glad your doing great
    .. looking good lady!

  3. @magildeny I will definately keep you updated. I plan to finish out this
    bottle just to see the end result. Smiles. Mz. Joyful♥

  4. @Lizardking89squeen Now you know I have a big smile on my face. I really
    want to get to my first goal 160 this time and stay there. Smiles Mz.

  5. I dont have a comment about the hormone free but I am watching you to see
    how you do with it. So far so good for you. :)) Ur so funny! Ur looking

  6. LOL…cute…..it is funny….that’s crazy…..wow….I’m scared of
    that…hummmm….long term effects..???..I be watchin for sure now…..

  7. @gimmecurves Just uploaded my verdict hcg hormone free…lol lol lol Hope
    you can stop by and see. Thanks for your comment. ~♥Smiles Mz. Joyful♥~

  8. I just got the same exact thing tonight. I was researching the hormone free
    hcg and some people said it does NOT work and return it to the store and
    get your money back. I do not know if i should return it or try it. I want
    to lose 30 or 40 pounds by june or July.

  9. Oh my, I don’t even remember… I used this product nines months ago and I
    stopped using the product a few days after this video (part two video
    talked about it) because the weightloss started going up and down even
    though I was following protocol…So sorry I couldn’t be more help. Many
    blessings to you though. Smiles

  10. well i went and got mines today…..cany wait your vid inspired me…..are
    you still taking this brand from walmart dieing to know missy……….

  11. first of all i wanna to thank u for tellig the truth because people really
    look and believe this stuff we see on the video so thank u for thts now
    question how do u properly take the hcg do u take it one a day or twice a

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  16. Don’t understand WHY u would gain weight unless ur cheating. U have to
    follow the exact protocol. ONLY eating 500 calories a day. They list what
    foods you can eat..like plain chicken, plain beef, asparagus, broccoli,
    strawberries, cucumbers plain, lemon juice, stuff like that. BUT YOU CANT

  17. You look GREAT!! Just subscribed to you so would love to see how you are
    doing now :)

  18. If you have facebook check out the hcg1234 user group. Type HCG1234 in the
    facebook search bar and join. It is a very reliable group for users. I am a

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