Weight Gain in Phase 3 of the hCG Diet – Part 1 – Correct LDW

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4 thoughts on “Weight Gain in Phase 3 of the hCG Diet – Part 1 – Correct LDW

  1. I’ve been doing well maintaining. The worst was the day after we went to
    the County Fair and were bad, I was 3 pounds up. But I was still full the
    next day, so I ate only a little protein and some nuts, and the next day it
    was fine!

    Oddly, we had pizza Friday night, and I ate my share. But the next day I
    was a full pound under my LDW! Sunday it was back to my regular LDW, no
    one day wait for the swing.

    I’m finding that I can’t eat eggs now. I would scramble an egg, sometimes
    two, with some egg whites, and would show a gain of a pound, even if I was
    right at my calorie goal and didn’t have many carbs.

    Mostly I still eat like VLCD, just more calories and healthy fats. It’s
    good food, I feel better, it’s quick to make. Still fighting that sugar
    demon, though!

  2. Hey im trying to get this hcg but after I hit add to cart it doesn’t do
    anything. It doesn’t move on to the next page. Help please. 

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