Various Methods For Skin Tag Removal

Skin polyps, or skin tags, are relatively benign surface abnormalities. They are harmless is in all, but a few cases. For instance, they are sometimes associated with poly cystic ovary disease. Their appearance is like a small dandling piece of hide. Most people consider them unattractive and this is why they will seek skin tag removal help.

Even animals can acquire this type of polyp. However, some people are more prone then others toward getting them. These people are usually overweight, have diabetes, or are pregnant. Heredity is another cause. On the other hand, some causes are simply unknown. Men and women get them equally but almost half of the population has them.

Polyps are not like warts. They can be removed with concern of them returning. Whereas, warts will typically leave a seed behind that causes a re-growth. Furthermore, there is no evidence to suggest that they are contagious like warts. Warts are caused by a virus while polyps have an unknown cause. For the most part, they go unnoticed until they become irritated clothing rubbing against them.

There are dozens of home remedy and ancient ways to rid the body of them. One older method is to use string or thread and tie them at the bottom. Eventually they will fall off by themselves because the blood supply is gone. They simply shrivel up and die. This technique can even be performed on animals and children successfully. A few people say dental floss is successful. However, there are some more ways to remove them if the person has the strength to do them.

They can be removed with a pair of scissors either with or without a local anesthetic. This is definitely not a method for the squeamish. They do not have nerve endings so the procedure is painless. However, very large once usually do require a local anesthetic. Depending on location, it may be best to get someone to perform the operation.

Another great method is to chill them off using nitrogen. This way is similar for removing warts. The cold Nitrogen causes the polyp to naturally shrivel up and die. Just be sure to keep it way from the surrounding area Furthermore, this method will not be reliable in all cases. It has some drawbacks. For instance, on occasion there could be a temporary color change at the site. Alternatively, the polyp may even return.

Some of the best methods are natural products. They can easily be found on the Internet. These methods are both safe and effective because they were developed by doctors. Purchasing them is simple and the products are easy to use. Simply fill out the form and then get the stuff sent directly to the address.

One word of caution, anytime polyps are located around the eyelids, the ears, the nose, or the mouth, always involve a doctor. They will have the tools and the experience to remove the problem safely.

In summary, natural skin tag removal methods are simple to use and relatively safe. Some of them are done using normal household items while others are ordered right from the Internet. When the location of a polyp is in a sensitive area that is best to involve called a doctor.

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