TTC Baby #1 IUI #2: Ovidrel Trigger Shot and Update!!

YAY for things happening so quickly! IUI #2 on Monday May 12! TIMELINE for this cycle: CD3-7 Femara (letrozole) CD10 May9- Follicle check- 3 Mature follicles…

18 thoughts on “TTC Baby #1 IUI #2: Ovidrel Trigger Shot and Update!!

  1. I feel the same thing with you! This is your cycle!!!! A late Mother’s Day
    gift I am thinking 

  2. Just curious are you guys planning to BD today? I know some docs will tell
    you not to but we did and I got pregnant so who knows? : )

  3. I think this could be it for you!! 3 follicles are great!! 

  4. Woohoo!! IUI #2!! So excited for you and feeling very optimistic, too 🙂
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Kendra. Sending you lots and lots
    of baby dust and good luck!!

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