The Fastest Way to Lose Fat

If you are like me, you probably have been procrastinating down to the very last week, before that Special occasion or Prom night to lose the few extra pounds. Well, look no further, as help is here. Follow these few tips, and you’ll see yourself fitting in that little black dress in a week’s time

1. Binge on Low Fat Milk, yes milk is now known to increase the metabolism. One or two glasses of milk before every meal would fill you up and curb your appetite. Not to forget, the calcium and the protein it contains will not only strengthen your bones but also add further thickness to your mane.

2. Replace all the Whites with the Browns, you got it white rice, white bread, pastas with the healthier wholegrain alternatives. They are also known to reduce the risk of diabetes, besides adding fiber, magnesium and B-6 to your diet.

3. Cut down on Salt and Starches, sodium and starchesresult in fluid retention in the body, which can add to the extra weight. According to researchers, cutting down on these alone can result, in a loss of up to 5 pounds to begin with.

4. Eat Slowly, Leaving Space for the Next Meal, some people always eat, as if they’ve got a train to catch. What they do not realize, is that they are probably taking in more calories than they need to fill themselves up. And by the time their brain registers, they’ve turned into a bad case of gluttony. If you are one of those people, next time make a conscious effort to halter your speed, that way you eat less. Never eat till you are overflowing, always leave space; when your organs aren’t overburdened, they will work more efficiently.

5. Take Herbal/Green Tea as Dessert, be it peppermint, chamomile or plain green tea, they all have some particular health benefit. Besides, they aid in digestion, adding a bit of lemon will help burn some fat, as well.

6. Give Yourself a Cardio Boost,losing weight is more like simple Math really, you need to burn more calories than you consume. A good 60 minutes workout, plus a consumption of approximately 1200 calories, would amp up the speed of your weight loss regimen, considerably.

If you follow these tips, and stock up on fresh fruits, minimum of 8 glasses of water, vegetables and nuts; replacing boiled or blanched Meats with the deep fried unhealthier alternatives, you would see a marked difference soon. However, the best thing is just to follow a healthy lifestyle for the long term. And be patient, if you are looking to lose more weight. If you have tips of your own, that I may have missed out on, please feel free to add to the comments.

Disclaimer: These tips should help you lose maximum of 3-5 pounds in a week. However, they are not to be substituted, with your dietician or health practitioner’s recommendations.

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