Sublingual hCG mix w/alcohol demo

If you haven’t read Dr. Simeons Protocol yet….do it!!!! You can download it for free at this site: If you need to see the differ…

15 thoughts on “Sublingual hCG mix w/alcohol demo

  1. Why cant I use a brown bottle and refrigerate that? You said to use blue.

  2. You can use a brown bottle…I get my sublingual kit from DELMEM….and I
    use the blue bottle because it’s smaller and easier to withdraw the hcg out
    with the little doing syringe. But you can use a brown bottle too!!!

  3. Did you hear about this from Kevin Trudeau? I heard he was a scam artist,
    but he strongly recomends this diet, yet i’ve seen so much proof on youtube
    here. Also how much do the injections cost? Thank you so much!

  4. I am on the first round of the diet, and am loosing 4 grams, 2 grams etc is
    it normal to loose so small amounts and I am strictly on the diet, what
    should I do ????

  5. Hi I need help, what benadryl products help you sleep. I don’t see anything
    that says more info. I am now going to subscribe to you. I need your help
    HCGCharli. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thanks

  6. hello i was wondering where to get the actual hcg? any reccomendations? i
    have found so many places that it is so hard to know if its safe…could
    you please message me with the info? or post? thank you for your time 🙂

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