Strawberry Protein Powder Shake – HCG Friendly, Phase 2

This shake is something that we dearly love during phase 2 of the HCG diet. Recipe (double batch): 2 ounces of water 1-1/2 scoops Jay Robb Egg White Protein …

25 thoughts on “Strawberry Protein Powder Shake – HCG Friendly, Phase 2

  1. I love the recipe. Exactly what I’ve been looking for. Will help me stick
    to the diet. Happy Releases! 🙂

  2. Did you have to order your Jay Robb protein powder online? And is the
    Protein powder isolate the right kind, in whatever flavor? (I am on phase 3
    though, not phase 2.)

  3. Have u ever used the strawberry protein powder along w/strawberries? Just
    wondering, bc it comes in van, straw, choc flavors. I would lov to try the
    choc & mess w/it some by adding in coconut oil, cocoa powder/stevia. Bet it
    would be great.

  4. @momof470 She said so in the video that this is a meal replacement,
    counting 1 serving of “meat” and 1 serving of fruit.

  5. Lov this shake, have it every day now bc of ur vid~ Bought the straw & choc
    flavor. I add frozen straw to the straw flav. The choc shake doesnt taste
    like anything, so I add in 1tbs of cocoa/or dark cocoa, 2 stevia pcks, and
    it is like choc heaven!! I also put non fat whip cream on top. Im still on
    P2, and loosing using these shakes. I have them every day. Glad I watched
    ur vid & ordered them.

  6. I use the straw flav shake, w/strawb. & skip the vanilla/no stevia. I bet
    the van flav shake would be good w/2tbs of frozen oj from the can & some
    ice. The fat free whip cream makes it amazing.

  7. Thank you for your video. I was confused about the serving size and
    portions though. You said that the recipe makes 2 servings correct? So when
    you mentioned that the amount of strawberries (12) should be about 1 cup,
    were you referring to the amount just for one serving? The same thing with
    ice? Because the container that the strawberries (and the ice) are in,
    looks a lot larger than just 1 cup. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? I
    just know that I can usually only fit 6strawberries in 1cup

  8. omg…sounds great.. I was about to go off the diet as I just can’t eat
    chicken again.

  9. This was so digustingly sweet! I threw it out. I tried it again without the
    stevia (I bought sugar free Jay Robb) and it was better.

  10. I use ProCal vanilla protein shake mix (100 calories) with 5 or 6 frozen
    strawberries! It is awesome!!

  11. Thank you for this! This looks really good, will definitely try this. You
    mention that this is a replacement for the protein and the fruit portion of
    the meal, what about for the vegetable portion of the meal?

  12. That’s very nice.. thanks for sharing.. thought you might want to see this
    , too. it is not a meal replacement but it makes you eat less as taking the
    Formula makes you feel full
    Have a great day!

  13. Gabe, Do I do an apple day if I had 2 days not-pop? Or do I just have to
    slap my wrist and Lise those 3 pounds back by pop ? Not proud of me. This
    is hard. I got bored w my food aft day 12.

  14. Does it have to be the same brand protein powder shake you use in the video
    for it to work and not gain weight on the hcg diet??? Thanks:)

  15. I use Olympia labs pea protein for phase 2. It’s sweetened with stevia and
    xylitol. I put in fat free Wonder cocoa, frozen strawberries and the
    contents of 3 glucomannan capsules for added fiber. Tastes great, is
    filling and I lose weight well on it.

  16. How can the whipped topping be legal on the HCG? Does it not have sugar and

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