Steps Before Slow Carb Diet

Before you start a diet plan program, it’s usually a really good idea to get old statistics and new numbers. And so when we’re working our way psychologically toward altering the way in which we eat in order that the positive vision we have of our body and life can come to be, let’s gather some old numbers. The new ones are in the future and will be wonderful…

(1) Weight is easy. Step on the scale and weigh yourself. And be sure as we go along that you use the SAME scale to keep track of your progress.

(2)There’ll be instances as you go when you won’t drop some weight but will get smaller. For this reason, taking measurements is truly important. If you have anyone to assist you, an everyday tape-measure will work.
You’ll need to measure your head (KIDDING!) – your upper arms, waist, hips and mid thighs. You will see weeks when you don’t lose one ounce but the measurement will go down. That will make a nice difference and eliminate the lack of weight-loss for that week.

(3) As it so happens, finding our body fat percentage isn’t all that hard anymore. You can get devices like these: Bodyfat Scale or handheld bodyfat calculator. Or you can have this measurement taken in a fitness center or health club, in the event you belong to one. However you get it done, don’t omit this step. You’re going to be amazed at how enjoyable it is to see this number go down!

(4) And now…… we need a few of pictures, as in “how you look now.” This is going to be a part of the mental “facing the truth” that will spur you on to achieving success. So get out your camera or camera-phone when no-one is around and take a front and side snapshot of yourself in a bathing suit or underwear. Thanks.

(5) Now – make an appointment with a physician and have a few blood tests done. You are looking for a complete blood work-up, including fasting blood glucose levels, blood potassium level, liver and kidney function tests, uric acid as well as a lipid profile – triglycerides, cholesterol (HDL and LDL). It’s best if you get a Thyroid Panel done, as well – checking both T3 and T4. And lots of of us have low Vitamin D levels. Have that checked, too.

And while we’re on the subject of visiting your doctor, you might recognize from reading the news accounts and other things that the medical profession hasn’t yet let go of their perception in “less calories, more exercise” is the way to lose weight – nor have many physicians realized that consuming excess fat doesn’t cause clogged arteries. Which means you may need to tread very carefully – depending on just how easy it is to talk to your particular medical doctor.

NOW — you’ll be ready to begin!

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