Staying Motivated on Phase 2 hCG Diet – How real hCGers Do It – Episode 1

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22 thoughts on “Staying Motivated on Phase 2 hCG Diet – How real hCGers Do It – Episode 1

  1. Also let me know if you guys are yay or nay on the background music- it’s
    something new I wanted to try but not sure what everyone thinks…..

  2. THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I would love to contribute, if needed sometime
    if you do another in the future!!!!!!

  3. I just love you for doing this. You contribute enormously and generously to
    the hcg community. Thank you Rayzel!

  4. This is awesome!!!!! Great video to watch over and over while in P2! Love
    the music too!

  5. Thank you very much. I’m glad that everyone else is willing to be a part of
    it since that’s the only way it would work!

  6. Yes definitely would love to have you participate next time! It’s so great
    to see so many different people and what they have to say.

  7. Maybe next time- I have instructions for making/sending the video on my
    website- would love to have you contribute sometime! Thanks for sharing
    your perspective too. So glad you’re able to make this change.

  8. This is such a fantastic vlog! Thanks so much for taking the time to put it
    together! I think everyone wants to know what helps and motivates others in
    our shoes. Really wonderful to watch!

  9. LOVE LOVE IT – I have been AOL for a few days dealing with visiting inlaws
    and just got to see it- so great to see everyones responses and can’t wait
    for the next one!

  10. What a tremendous asset you are to this community. I am just finding your
    website and videos and amazed by all of your hard work! God Bless you!! I
    am honored to know you and be involved! How is the little guy btw?

  11. Oh thank you! I have really enjoyed doing this and I feel blessed that I
    can spend my time helping others in this way. He is great! He’s almost 4
    now- actually in my latest personal update video, at the very end, is a
    little clip of him saying hi. I’ll try to get him on again with me soon!

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