22 thoughts on “SITE INJECTIONS- STEROIDS- Rich Piana

  1. what about synthol into your biceps or delts lol, someone certainly hasn’t
    done that

  2. I personally don’t think i’ll ever do steroids but they’re really
    fascinating to learn about.

  3. Nice eyeliner, Rich! I´d like to hear your take on male make-up and why
    that´s important when it comes to being the best that you can be.

  4. This is bullshit… White guys covered in acne with big asses are a result
    of injecting in the ass cheeks. Niggers on the other hand have natural big
    asses and bitch hips… Big ass lips too

  5. I found this video ironic considering he’s all about “going through the
    pain and growing”. Haha, good video still though. i’ve pretty much heard
    everyone else say the same: “The pain isn’t worth a quarter extra inch on
    your arms”.

  6. hey rich what advice would you give a natural bodybuilder on growing a
    certain body part 

  7. How do you manage to motivate yourself when you look in the mirror and see
    something you havn’t earnt? you’ve cheated your way to by using steroids?

  8. Does anyone have the website for reporting law breakers to law enforcement?

    -A concerned citizen 

  9. The endocrine system (hormones) has the ability to work all over the body,
    not just in one place even water based steroids have a halflife in the body
    and by that time they most likely will have diffused into the blood stream.
    There might be a very slight difference if you inject into the arm as there
    is a higher dosage.

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  11. I wish there was something Rich could do in WWE to take advantage of his
    incredible look and mic skills. Hes not a a wrestler but theres money to be
    made there somewhere.

  12. Rich you don’t look to good in this video brotha…You look sick bro,You OK?
    Anyways I have a question…What kind of music do you enjoy for working out?
    I’m making mix tapes for bodybuilders It will be available for download on
    my soundcloud soon.

  13. This guy couldn’t pass a test for roids if his life depended. Roids= pussy
    strength quit that shit for 6 months then let me see the real you fatty. 

  14. a poor guy, big muscles, small brain, no balls…. but full of roids…
    in 20 years i´m livin….he´s not…. ;-)

  15. If there was a zombie outbreak, you wouldn’t be able to get the steroids
    anymore. This is going to cause a severe issue when your test levels drop
    and you can’t workout anymore. 

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