Review of Body Fat Monitors- HCG R3P2D34-36 122.6 – hCG Diet

Doing great still! Getting close to p3! Amazon has the handheld body fat monitor by Omron:…

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  1. @Givingitmyall2011 Oh that’s great to know! I was hoping they would still
    work as well- that’s good to know. I know I’m excited for p3 to eat all the
    yummy food I’ve been cooking for my hubby and son!

  2. @mswilliamsa23 Aww thanks! Yeah the handheld is great and another youtuber
    that has the newer one has said that there’s is consistent!

  3. I need to get that body fat monitor. I hear ya, I’m a bit nervous about
    going into P3 too. But you’ve done this before, you’ll do great.

  4. So excited.. I did not know that they were so cheep… I bought mine
    today!!!! Thanks for the info… Should be in Nov. 23-29th… I am
    soooooooooooo excited… I hope to have a round like you and loose body
    fat, big time… Thanks again… Love ya….Hugs..

  5. Wow.. that is off… You right nobody would want that… What was that
    online body fat calculator again? I should go and get my body fat do
    hydrostatically too. Thanks for sharing and glad all is going well

  6. Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! I know you will meet your goal of 120 :o)
    Nolan is adorable :o) I am planning to email you back on sat with some
    info, because tomorrow I am going with the girls to see Breaking dawn :o)
    Have a great night!!

  7. As always great information, I would love to have the hydrostatic ?? fat
    check done. I think that would be your most accurate. I don’t know of
    anyone that has had that done or even where you could have it done around
    here. Son is sooo cute, I thought I sent you a message about the song he
    sang but never heard from you…. anyway continued success!!! HUGS

  8. Hi Chica Lovely to see your baby again ..He’s getting big and strong now
    Thanks for the review Sally x

  9. I got a body fat monitor. It reads percentage and BMI how do you know how
    many pounds of fat you have? Thanks!

  10. your son is a cutie pie. i told you about that omron scale body fat
    monitor. its so depressing!!!! i use so many gadgets and its no where near
    accurate. i love the scale based upon storing data. that about it. but now
    i input everything on my phone. so i no longer use that portion. but the
    visceral fat calculation is accurate on that scale.

  11. you look amazing!!!!!! love love love your hair this way! 122.6 yippie!!!
    your doing fantastic..hahaha thats a great mustache!!! always such great
    info.. big hug!!

  12. @MsTeribear OH really? Thanks!! So excited to be getting lower into my real
    weight range now- just never though I could do that!

  13. @Bayshamel I think it was on or something- if you google body
    fat calculator + fitwatch the right page should come up.

  14. @HcgCharm Oh good! Yeah for tracking purposes, they really are pretty
    inexpensive- when the technology first came out they were way more- my
    husband’s originally costed like two or three hundred dollars- but that was
    like 15 years ago. I hope it comes for you soon! Let me know if you use it
    daily if you find it to be consistent okay?

  15. @JHoberer1 Thanks! Yeah this is the second time he’s gotten into my makeup
    and made a royal mess of it lol.

  16. @lucyfftt I am almost done with this round- I will do another though- I
    still have fat I can lose- will use hcg for losing fat, and p3 and beyond
    for gaining muscle- I’d like to be really fit now that i know what’s
    possible with hcg- I have some big tall mountains I’d like to climb with my

  17. @TheJujubee68 Thank you- I am definitely mentally ready to eat some more
    foods and more volume, but the first week especially can be so

  18. now I want a body fat monitor! lol Everything I see my hcg friends have, I
    want! lol My family is gonna laugh when I tell them my Christmas gift
    ideas…..dehydrator & BFM! lol HUGS! 122 is a DREAM! Awesome! You are
    doing gr8!

  19. Your son is just precious—sorry you didn’t like the fat monitor–but it
    is nice that you could try it out and see which one you like—I think I’m
    going to get the handheld one—thanks for sharing your experience—your a
    blessing–so happy your doing wonderful–Blessings and Hugs

  20. Your kid cracks me up! I think for my next round I’m going to stick with
    the scale I have now that monitors my body fat. I think since I’ve already
    used the scale and I know the weight is at least accurate I’m hoping the
    body fat thing will be accurate too. It’s tough to tell! Too bad the new
    scale didn’t work out for you, but glad the old monitor was consistent for
    you! =D

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