R2P2-VLCD 5-12 Lessons Learned with HCG Dosage

I haven’t reported in a week. I’ve been hiding in self-pity. LOL. I’ve learned some lessons from dosing the hcg. I should have started on the 125 IU dosage f…

25 thoughts on “R2P2-VLCD 5-12 Lessons Learned with HCG Dosage

  1. I’m glad you found the right dosage for you! I have read that too much or
    too little dosage can negatively affect your weightloss. I think the less
    you have to take, the better. I started at 294 pounds and I’ve stuck with
    150IU dosage, which is enough to curb my appetite. You’re back on track,
    and the weight will be dropping off!

  2. So glad you got things figured out. Good recomendation. I’ll have to
    remember that when I decide to start the shots. That’s a good number on the
    release. I bet you get better numbers now. Take care, support and love ya.
    Happy releases.

  3. I Stephanie, your hair is really cute! Tara and myself was just talking
    about you today, I missed seeing you. That was the same thing for me, I had
    to reduce my HCG and then I started losing; so glad you figured it out:))

  4. @KathleanAgain Yep. Since I started out at 150IU, I wasn’t sure which way
    to go, so I went up… wrong! LOL. Oh well, Hopefully, this will work out
    now! 😉

  5. @151veemarie Yeah, I’ve been avoiding vlogging until I could figure it out!
    LOL. Hopefully, this will be the right dosage. 😉

  6. @Cammiehcg Thanks Cammie! For sure!! Woohoo!! I’m so happy! It took me
    longer to get there than I had expected. lol

  7. I’m glad you found your correct dosage. We have such a short time to get
    this right, I hate to see you lose any of that time. Now you can sail
    through the rest of the round and see those daily losses!

  8. @Deehcg Thanks Dee. Yep, I should have paid more attention to the starting
    dosage. LOL. Oh well. Moving on! 😉

  9. @DEBBYRN1 Yep, I know. I feel like I’ve wasted a week. Oh well. Hopefully,
    everything will go smoothly from here on.

  10. Hey Now! Don’t feel bad. I did about the same thing in my first round. I
    was so hungry! 125 works best for me. I bump it up just a lil bit near the
    end of my round.

  11. you are doing so good, gurl! I did miss seeing you on here. Also, what a
    blessing you are in testing out this to see what this will do for you. I
    agree that each dosage weight isn’t the same for each person. Good point. U
    have brought us so many great tips. Wishing you Rock Star results!

  12. Hi Steph, i think hcg diet journey is very personal. Thanks for sharing
    this info. It is very eye opening.

  13. Thank you for sharing this Steph! That is one of my biggest worries, how
    much to dose. I’ve heard from others about going down instead of up. How
    strange huh? I hope things go more smoothly for you from here on out!

  14. @MizRachelB Yeah, I really messed up and started too high. LOL. I should
    have gone back and read P&I before starting the round. I asked people on
    FB, and some said 150IU and others said 200IU. Nobody ever said to start at
    125IU, so there you go! LOL! 😉

  15. @kingpin5563 yeah, when I upped my dosage to 200IU, it wasn’t pretty. LOL.
    I’m glad it’s working great for you! That’s probably what you needed. For
    some reason, I cannot tolerate a high amount of hcg. Yeah, the birthday
    cake was good. It was from a bakery. Oh my! LOL.

  16. @CandiceIsaiah You are correct Candice. I believe bloating is a common sign
    of dosing being too high. Once I lowered my dosage, I felt so much better!

  17. I’m on my first round & I need to lose 180lbs ! Yeah…WOW! So anyway, I
    did alot of research and decided to started out on 175cc because of my
    size. Initially, I expected to be hungry the first few days & I was. But on
    the 4th day I was happy as a clam! 🙂 I’m still a little hungry in the
    evening but I’m gonna give it a few more days to see how I feel. If I’m
    still hungry in the evenings I’ll raise my dose to 180cc.

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