Practiced VLCD for week and today is HCG Load Day 1

I got the HCG yesterday, so today is Load Day 1!! For the last week I ate between 500-800 calories to see how much weight I would loose while not on HCG. Now…

10 thoughts on “Practiced VLCD for week and today is HCG Load Day 1

  1. Congrats!! WOOHOO .. this is the beginning and it is exciting! I sub’d so I
    will look forward to watching you shrink! Tamara

  2. It will be interesting to see how you do now. Make sure to load of HIGH FAT
    foods: bacon, Italian Sausage, braunschweiger, cream cheese, sour cream,
    olives, avocados, whipping cream, salad dressing, cheddar cheese, walnuts
    and macadamia nuts.

  3. Great job on the losses without HCG, I always wanted to know how that would
    go, so thank you for doing that.. You are going to do great on this
    protocol.. Happy for you!!

  4. I loaded alot of high fat foods today. I don’t feel sick but WOW my stomach
    is really sticking out! I can’t believe I have to do this again tomorrow. I
    am very excitied to see how much I can loose compared to last week with no
    hcg and eating very litte. Thanks for keeping in touch, talk soon, Theresa

  5. Hi, thanks for responding to me. I think I gained the 4.5 lbs back today!
    It took me 8 days to loose that (not on hcg.) I am very curious to see what
    the difference is in weight loss once I start the vlcd. Thanks for keeping
    in touch and I’ll let you know how it goes. Theresa

  6. Thanks for subscribing. You will feel better with HCG in your system and
    even better by the second week. Good Luck!

  7. you will see a lot diference. I dont know how you did without the hcg, but
    congrats. besos

  8. I’m one day behind you. Today was my first load day. I could not imagine
    eating 500cals without the HCG. I actually the last few weeks have been in
    almost a pre loading lol. But thats kinda been my lifestyle recently which
    is why I gained 15 lbs over the summer

  9. I did a practice run, too. I went from 222 to 216 with the help of some
    light colon cleansing using smoothe move just to get the ball rolling. I
    gained and lost – never going over 220, but held steady around 217.
    Starting the Protocol at 215.4 on load day 1. Today Sept 19 – Day 3 at
    218.8 Hated scales before and avoided the at all costs and dreaded stepping
    on the one at my Dr’s office. I just bought a new digital scale and can’t
    believe it has become my new best friend! Thanks for sharing.

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