Phentermine 30mg and HCG Shots

Me telling about how the Phentermine and HCG is working.

4 thoughts on “Phentermine 30mg and HCG Shots

  1. Sounds like its working for u . I been taking phen for five months and the
    four months. I loss 36 pounds I wound like to try the hgc and side affects?

  2. Sorry it took me so long respond alot going on hcg side effects make me
    feel like i was in the air didnt like it and with the phentermine i feel
    like i was losing weight but i did go down a pants size!

  3. I didnt get my pills off the internet I got mine from the Bariatric Clinic
    . The visit to start is 150 but after you go once a month and the visit it
    75 dollars.

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