Painless HCG Method. HCG Drops Are Great!

Check out how easy it is to do hCG via drops!

20 thoughts on “Painless HCG Method. HCG Drops Are Great!

  1. think so.. the HCG platinum says to hold 3-5 mins.. 60seconds you really
    think that is agony… wow…

  2. @nohatn I agree nohatn, my sarcasm must not have come through. /note to
    self- Must work on emphasizing sarcasm more 😉

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  4. why use this when u can exercise and lose 4 pounds in one week like i did 🙂

  5. It’s all a scam unless your getting pharma grade real schedule III
    controled injectable HCG.

  6. 5 drops and if excessively hungry (per doctors advise — add 2 extra drops
    if hungry–ONLY IF DR. said so). YES, I used a doctor.

  7. Supposed to be tasteless (water)!!! if it is tasteless, then you have the
    REAL deal.

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