P2 Asparagus Shrimp Soup Recipe, Lip Balm, HCG R3P2D21 -.4, 127.8

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24 thoughts on “P2 Asparagus Shrimp Soup Recipe, Lip Balm, HCG R3P2D21 -.4, 127.8

  1. Cool recipe idea! I was checking out some of your old videos this week and
    you really are doing so amazing just in general and with the thyroid issue
    added in. Congratulations on being at 127!!!

  2. wow look at you skinny mini!! i have been sooo busy and way behind on my
    sub watching.

  3. Great job on the releases again today! Glad you found something for your
    lips. I’ll join you in the next couple of days of this HCG vlog ghost town.
    Loved your hair today!

  4. Great job! Do you not do hcg during TOM? I am counting the days until I
    order my hog on Friday!!! Thanks for the lip balm tip. Do you use any
    particular body or hand lotion? Thx for the update!!!

  5. @ginamac2011 I usually only skip an injection 1 day and that’s it. I
    haven’t used any lotion so I’m not a good source for that info. Thanks for

  6. @mrspenny42 Yay! I won’t feel so alone! Yea I was feeling all yucky earlier
    so I told myself I should doll myself and i’d feel a lot better- it always
    works! I have hair extensions I can clip in whenever I want for fun- it’s
    so fun! I have very fine thin hair and always wanted that luxurious thick
    hair people have- now I can get it for outings and stuff lol.

  7. @suziehayes1 Aww well I finally made a short vlog today so you could see
    where I’m at lol! I don’t blame you for not watching earlier- my vlogs are
    always too long and when you’re not on p2 at the same time it’s really not
    on the to do list to watch other p2 vlogs. Thanks for checking in!

  8. @EZCFilmGirl Aww thank you so much! I have been down the road and back with
    my health and my weight so I have learned so much- it really value all I
    learned too and hope to be able to use it to make my future health as good
    as possible. I have literally spent hundreds of hours researching health
    issues online- crazy! Thanks! I am sooo excited to be 127!!!!

  9. I’m R1P2D39, and for chapped lips I’ve been using HL30 HerpecinL. It comes
    in a chapstick looking tube, and although it looks white, when applied it
    is clear. You can get it at Walmart, CVS, etc., It is great for chapped
    lips, cold sores, sun and fever blisters. I apply it in the mornings, and
    sometimes again during the day. You can apply lip gloss or lipstick over
    top of it, if you want also.

  10. Hmmmm… did not think to add the miracle noodles for texture with the
    asparagus soup… great idea. So happy for your loss… LOL. Don’t think I
    ever said that before… Have a great day, hun… HUGS.

  11. Omg ur sooo cute. You are really adorable today girly! Glad your weight is
    dropping so consistently! Go 127…..your skinny mama! Love the lip gloss
    too it’s definitely poppin! Lol

  12. @abeyta666 welcome! And thank you!! It perked me up yesterday to “doll”
    myself up. 🙂

  13. @JessiHcg Thanks! I hope they get better soon too- so far for me so good,
    yay. Don’t want to get sick on hcg or I’ll probably have to stop earlier-
    would suck since I”m feeling so good- gotta run with it while ya got it!

  14. @Gracieandhcg Thanks!!! It felt fun to dress myself up a bit today- I
    know!!! I simply cannot believe I’m at 127- I never never thought I would
    see these numbers again- between my healthy and getting so high at 172 I
    just figured there’s no way and I would have to learn to be happy with an
    overweight body.

  15. @HcgCharm I am so loving my miracle noodles right now and they are keeping
    me one happy camper. LOL- nice one…..

  16. @HcgSkinnyB So far I’m still feeling good so I’ll keep hoping and drinking
    lots of water- its when I kiss my son’s dirty face with boogers all over it
    that I wonder what I’m getting myself into- but he’s too hard to resist so
    I do it anyway! I’m not sure re the chapstick- it’s hard because it still
    has some oils in it- I think I may lay off it again just to be sure- p2
    time is so precious I just don’t want to waste it at all. Course I have no
    idea what’s in my lipstick either and I wear that

  17. HGCPeople are out there. Please keep vlog’in. I am on 4 VLCD and on Round
    2, I love watching your vlogs and I often send them to my friends. Love you
    hair, you look happy ! I started at 174 and am now at about 155ish. Going
    for under 149 ! I am 44.

  18. You look so great in this video~~ Well all of them but I think your
    happiness rubs off in this video!!! So happy for you!!!

  19. My dr. who originally put me on hcg said that any lipstick or chapstick or
    lipbalm was okay to use. Ur lipstick looks great btw! Ur doing great! 127
    is AWESOME! Hope your family is doing well now! ♥

  20. @2011Biffy I’m sorry I’m not sure if I saw your comment till just now-
    sorry about that! I’m so glad you enjoy my vlogs! I am super happy! You
    have done so well already and I’m sure you will continue to do well. HCG is
    amazing- I never would have lost this weight any other way, that I’m
    certain of. Keep in touch!

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