NetChick’s HCG Journey – Mixing RX 5000iu ampule for SubQ Injections

Learning on the fly… a live, first time attempt to mix HCG RX ampules for SubQ injections (into fat, not muscle) Definitely a learning curve! Here’s what y…

12 thoughts on “NetChick’s HCG Journey – Mixing RX 5000iu ampule for SubQ Injections

  1. DELMEM has good vlogs on mixing. HCGLOOSER also does as April has a lot of

  2. When opening a glass vial, take a nail file and go around the line that is
    on the neck of the bottle.

  3. Just score the neck with anything that’ll score it, file, metal nail file,
    etc etc, snap it with a rag in the hand of the lower end. As far as 3ml
    syringe no big enough. Sure it is. You need only put a tiny bit of water in
    the ampule to dissolve all the hcg, suck it out, put it in the vial and add
    the rest of the water. It’s funny seeing this on youtube after all these
    years of using it as a bodybuilder 20+. But I will tell you something. It
    does NOT make you lose body fat, lol.

  4. Do any of you know what your bloodwork looks like during the use of this,
    lol?! Go get it drawn at a lab. Ya don’t need a doc. Get your progesterone,
    IGF1, free floating and total testosterone, ask for a discount on a whole
    hormone work up. $80 + / -. I can’t believe all these ads and docs have you
    women believing in this ancient stuff. I pay $7 for 5,000 iu’s and can
    write a diet, lol that blows away the ones I’ve seen. You lose weight
    because you diet IN THE SENSE OF DEPRAVATION. It’s WRONG!

  5. Lol, please somebody wake up! Does anyone know what HCG does? Endocrinology
    version please. Get your body composition measured before and after and I
    will lay money that you have gone straight towards heart disease etc. You
    will NOT lose body fat, you WILL lose muscle. Your body will eat itself for
    the protein you deprive it of. Your metabolism will be at a snail’s pace,
    measurement will prove to be way smaller, YES. And you WILL be fatter than
    ever. Don’t grasp it? get your composition tested

  6. How many of you are paying more than $10 for 5,000 iu’s of Human Chorionic
    Gonadotropin? How many of you paid for the most idiotic diet to accompany
    it? What do you think is happening to your body when you totally deprive it
    of all nutrients? Again, this stuff is ancient. Been using this since 1988
    for a totally different purpose in bodybuilding. A much much safer purpose.
    We’ve known about it since… well Schwarzenegger used plenty of it. Do you
    research! Stop following like blind sheep Baaaa

  7. rHGH at 1-1.5 iu’s/day 5 days/week or 7. (6 of one, half dozen of the
    other)…. doesnt matter enough. Then 4-6 meals per day. YES 6 would be
    better! Small frequent. Higher protein lower carb ratio and more fibrous
    than starchy towards the eve’s, some MCT’s Medium Chain Triglycerides or
    EFA’s Essential Fatty Acids (the ones ya need and because of lower carb
    ratios) Excersize… and you will be 1000000000% healthier, leaner, more
    muscle tissue, bone density, lower cholesterol. out of space sorry!

  8. I NEVER POST. I couldn’t help it. SOOOOOOOO misinformed. I am so upset with
    the medical community’s B.S! Letting you believe in this in such a way that
    leads you to believe that HCG makes you AT ALLLL leaner or not educating
    you on WHAT HCG IS and what it’s FUNCTION was designed for. Don’t put up a
    post now in response… “loook at meeeeee I was 40lbs heavier and angry at
    the world blah blah!” Do your blood work and find out what you did to
    yourself. Body comp via dunking, fat level now?

  9. @plutofantom And this is a genral reply to all. Not directed at the person
    who posted this video. I just used it as a platform as I burst at the seams
    with anger towards those responsible for putting this hormone from so many
    years ago on front street with the women who are so vulnerable (sorry if
    this angers any women) when it comes to selling an agent that makes such
    crazy claims. At most, it MAY slow down catabolism during diets that look
    like Auschwitz reincarnate.

  10. @plutofantom I challenge ANYONE on this earth that I could split up twins
    and give one to ANY proclaimed “EXPERT” with HCG and the other to me and I
    will feed this person 6 even 7 times/day to prove a point with diet never
    being in the sense of deprivation but in WHAT she eats combined with
    excersize. I will produce a human, 1 of a set of twins that is 1,000%
    healthier, hard bodied, leaner, yes six pack, even some nice firm muscle
    and then lets look at cholesterol and BP, kidneys, liver… etc

  11. @plutofantom Kidneys, Liver function tests, total blood panel work that
    would reveal a twin that is anything but that anymore…… a twin. Don’t
    do this girls. Seek out someone qualified at your… at your gym even.
    Since I don’t know your town, go to a professional bodybuilder and seek
    advice, yes over a doctor selling you HCG. Put any doctor on the phone or
    web with me that pushes HCG and that diet and defends it. I will prevail.
    they are making TONS of money of you and killing you

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