My hHcG Journey Wed and Thu

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25 thoughts on “My hHcG Journey Wed and Thu

  1. Sounds like you’ve got it under control. You are doing so well and posting
    your vlogs helps us all.

  2. Well I’m trying, i found out i have more power to accomplish anything we
    want. Thanks,, mija Love yah

  3. So glad you decided to stay on…dont get discouraged, its the natural flow
    of our bodies sometimes. It will come back off if you stick to protocol,
    promise! xoxoxox

  4. Congratulations on the descision to stay. We love you in our community. You
    will get there. Just keep looking at your vision board my friend and don’t
    giove up!! Love you. A

  5. all the comments up above that YOU sent to the people below was not
    delivered. Trying to help you here. Most people do not come back to videos
    and read comments. YOU have to do it from a laptop or home computer. Move
    your mouse to the right of a comment and click reply. THEN the commenter
    will be sent a notification via email that you responded to them. Above,
    they dont know anything at all. Congrats on staying!! Ur doing great!

  6. Thank you MsHcGGirl i been trying to do that,,,,, but thank you thank you!!!

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