My hCG weight loss journey

Before starting this protocol there are two books that must be read and understood. ‘Pounds and Inches’ by Dr. Simeons and Robin Woodall’s book ‘Weight-Loss …

12 thoughts on “My hCG weight loss journey

  1. Woo Hoooo….Great successful journey!!!! WTG!!! Now to LIVE life to the

  2. You just look so different- it’s so trippy since I’ve only seen you small.
    Although you have such an adorable face through it all. Thanks for adding
    me description! xoxo

  3. This is Awesome!! I am glad I found this!! I keep telling everyone how
    great HCG is, and I am only on my first round, so people are skeptical. I
    will share this with those who are interested. Thank you for posting this.
    I agree, reading pounds and inches as well as weightloss apocalypse, is a
    MUST for this diet, so people have a complete understanding of how it
    works. Once you “get it” it makes sense! I am like you, struglling with the
    same 30 lbs for about 10 years now – driving me crazy!

  4. you are my hero boo. Im so proud that I have been able to keep 25 lbs off
    from my first round. The last 3 have been not so good.But I am determined
    not to stay down.I have loaded for 3 days and tomorrow will start my 500

  5. You just inspired ME!!!!!!!!!!! Please take the time to check out my
    channel where i make daily videos of my life in Costa Rica! Would love to
    have you as a subscriber! 🙂

  6. Amazing. Thank you for this video! Menopause symptoms really are horrid.
    You look incredible, and fuel my desire to fight back. Hormones cannot beat
    me. Hugs!

  7. OMG! How did I miss this video?
    I added this to my hcg success stories playlist! U GO GURL!

  8. Amazing journey! What an inspiration! I’m just starting my journey and love
    the success videos I find. Thanks for sharing!

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