Mind Hacks To Keep You Motivated For Weight Loss

No matter how good your fat loss plan is, if you can’t stick with it for the long haul, you will not get results. Even worse, you may get results only to see them vanish before your eyes.

And the sad thing here is that many people simply do not know how to stay motivated.

Thus, here are 6 ways to keep yourself on the dieting bandwagon:

1. Keep your goals laser-specific: The more specific here the better. You see, vague goals lead to vague behavior. And if your behavior is vague you are less likely to get the body you so desperately want and need. So make things very specific in your mind’s eye.

2. Don’t bully yourself into action: Instead of forcing yourself to do something in order to avoid a negative outcome, push yourself to do something because you are going towards a positive outcome. In other words, use a carrot, not a whip to motivate yourself.

3. Expect to fail: This is what gets most people. They make a mistake or have a bad day and then they throw in the towel and go on an all out binge. In reality, the most successful people in all areas of life have the highest frequency of mistakes. The key here is to embrace them and never stop moving forward.

4. Make your environment extremely motivating: Don’t rely on internal drive and self control here. Manipulate your environment as much as possible for the best results here. If you do this, you are much more likely to succeed.

5. Pay attention to routines, not results: Although counterintuitive, if you obsess over results you are less likely to succeed. You see, obsessing over results is an emotional roller coaster ride. Focusing on routines, on the other hand, is much more fruitful.

6. Make your mini goals time bound: Applying deadlines to your mini goals is a great way to make sure your overarching goal doesn’t remain a distant dream. You need to have some sort of time pressure in order to get things done in the most efficient manner possible.

The mind game is more important than the exercise game and dieting game. After all, once you lose motivation everything else will come apart!

Writer Katherine Crawford, a fitness expert and recent arm fat sufferer, teaches how to get toned arms. Figure out how to get sexy and sculpted arms by exploring her blog with upper arm exercises for women now!

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