Mar 15th Steve’s week 2 of HCG injections

I lost 15.4lbs in 7 days with HCG!

11 thoughts on “Mar 15th Steve’s week 2 of HCG injections

  1. Great job man, keep it up! Are you also working out at the gym or playing
    any sports to help with weight loss or is it all due to the Hcg? I’ve been
    thinking about trying the protocol but I have NO idea where to get it,
    think you could help me out?

  2. Thank you. I am not working out anymore than I was before I started the
    HCG. I don’t go to a gym, but I have a physical heavy lifting job. I can
    get you some info on getting HCG, but I am going to email you first to get
    some info from you.

  3. Hey Steve, how much more weight have you lost? Do you experience any side
    effects? Would I be able to get the HCG info from you? Thanks!

  4. I lost 44lbs in 38 days. The only side effects have been loss of body fat,
    loss of depression and gain in energy and happieness. I will email you some
    info a little later.

  5. Hey Buddie. You are doing and you look Great! I do the protocol as well, my
    only side effect is an achey bottom because since I have lost so much
    weight, my most fat area is my bottom and that is where I give my shots.
    This protocol is the best ever and I know that you agree. Keep up the good
    work and happy loosing! Have a great one!

  6. Just about, I injected about 3 inches to the left and right (alternating
    days) of the belly button. See our website for more free information, and
    join our free HCG coaching forum there as well.

  7. Happy for you. Most of my fatty-friends are afraid. Afraid of looking and
    feeling good maybe? Ha. I’m waiting for my order…

  8. Thank you. I lost around 100lbs since that video, and I actually put that
    shirt on the other day… it looked like a dress on me! LOL! That was a
    XXX-Large, and for awhile it was one of the few shirts that fit me. 😀

  9. Great job! I love seeing the difference. It’s very inspirational. I have
    talked my husband into doing it with me. We’re doing the intramuscular.
    What was your dosage?

  10. 250IUs per day, 6 days per week. Let me know how it goes for you, and let
    me know if you have any questions.

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