Maintaining hCG Diet Weight Loss: 1 Month Since Round 5 Ended

My p3/p4 update of the hCG Diet. Latest Hydrostatic Bodyfat test results. You can buy hCG online for hCG injections or to mix as hCG rx drops here: http://hc…

17 thoughts on “Maintaining hCG Diet Weight Loss: 1 Month Since Round 5 Ended

  1. Great stats girl! You’ve inspired me to really track my BF. Do you suggest
    daily or will weekly work? I’m going to do Turbo Fire and will be weighing
    weekly then will do a round end of year and will alternate between hcg and
    workouts to get my BF down. It’s 37 right now…ewww. I agree about trying
    to find a comfortable place to maintain a healthy body fat. 18% is awesome.
    I can’t wait to get in the 20s! lol

  2. Yay!! Always love your updates; they are so positive and encouraging!! You
    did amazing and I’m so glad you are stabilizing!! Keep us posted!!

  3. This is great for us to remember…It does help to get the WHOLE story!
    Thanks for sharing your stats.

  4. Fantastic update pretty lady! You have done a great job with it all. Amen
    to living life and being a BF that can be maintained nicely. Hugs and
    Love… Donna

  5. Great update! You are definitely a trailblazer for this community! All the
    work that you’ve done isn’t just for you it’s an inspiration to others!
    Thanks so much! Hugs!

  6. What an inspiration….I am on the same page as you with counting calories
    and bodyfat! So proud of you!!!

  7. good to know that you have gained muscle, you must be working out a lot!
    Good for you!

  8. You can go to my website hcgchica dot com and you’ll be able to find the 2
    places I’ve purchased from fairly easily. Hope that helps!

  9. HEY! I can officially say I’ve watched all of your vlogs now! Yay! It was
    AWESOME watching your journey from the beginning and you have truly
    inspired me. I already know that thru mine yours vlogs will be a huge
    resource for me. I do have a question…I remember in your last round you
    mentioned that the intermittent fasting helped you to stabilize in P3…did
    you utilize that this P3 as well? Or did you find you didn’t have being at
    the lower body fat percentage?

  10. I’m curious about that because I have tried IF in the past, just to help me
    feel better a few times and I found it easy and it really did help me feel
    better. That being said, I believe I will try to implement that in my P3
    and possibly to P4 if needed when I begin 🙂

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