Lynn Jennings M.D. is the first doctor to complete the Weight is Over program

The Weight is Over program is a 60 day lifestyle change program developed by Roby Mitchell M.D.(Dr Fitt) The first 40 days uses his formula for an HCG nasal …

10 thoughts on “Lynn Jennings M.D. is the first doctor to complete the Weight is Over program

  1. hey doc can’t hear the people you are interviewing . confidence in a
    scientist who can’t fix that simple problem is hard to justify

  2. Boy Dr. Fitt I have a lot of confidence in you. I started with you & I am
    loving this program. And besides all that I can hear her. God bless.

  3. One doc to another, re-shoot the videos and mic up the patients. Can’t hear

  4. Hello, just trying to find an answer to my a question, maybe you could help
    :)….. How many units of nasal needs to be taken and is it just in the
    morning or broken up through out the day? thanks

  5. @rachel1897 You should be under the supervision of a physician who can
    titrate your dose.

  6. I am under the supervision of my doctor who reccomanded HCG Diet to me ,
    but he admits he is only knew to it himself, It ssays on my perscription 1
    x spray of 50 IU per day and from reading on the internet should it not be
    between 125-200 IU , was thinking of making another appointment with my
    doctor to see if thast would be more benifical for me. I just wasnt sure if
    its a different dose because its in nasal spray form.

  7. Just wish I could hear Dr. Jennings . I turned everything up on my computer
    I could .I still can not hear her. 🙁 so sad. I can hear the questions .

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