Low Carb Almond Sugar Cookie recipe/HCG Phase 3 Friendly

YUMMY P3 COOKIE RECIPE!!! – 1 bag 16 oz. Almond Flour 4 cups Splenda (granulated) 2 sticks butter (softened at room temp) 4 eggs 4 tsp Vanilla 1 tsp baking s…

25 thoughts on “Low Carb Almond Sugar Cookie recipe/HCG Phase 3 Friendly

  1. OMG!!!!! yummy……cant wait to have these when i get on P3 =) your endin
    is AWESOME!!!! still laughin

  2. “Beat it”… hilarious!! They are kid friendly too!!! I’m so glad you guys
    are posting P3 stuff!!! oh, and thanks for your comment on my page!!! I am
    going to take your advice…:(…oh, well, more Valentine’s Day treats for

  3. Love the cookie recipe REALLY appreciate you taking the time to show
    us…and loved the true..ending haha..

  4. Jenny…I’m eating one of the cookies right now as I type this lol. They
    are good 🙂 Hope you enjoy them too. Last day of p3? Are you doing p2
    already? That went by fast!

  5. GREAT recipe. I will for sure try it. I’ve used my almond flour for muffins
    so far, but looking forward to the cookies. I think they’ll last longer…
    because I don’t have two little cookie monsters living in my house! GREAT
    testimony to their taste.

  6. I chewed sugar free gum a lot! I never changed out any of my hair
    products…just stayed away from body lotions.

  7. OMG the end is freaking hilarious!!! Hahaha! I am so looking forward to
    trying your recipe! 10 more days on P2! Thank You! Love all your videos!

  8. Your schedule is a little different, but you will have to eat your meals at
    the same times as you already do. No-you shouldnt cut out the fruits-but
    don’t eat 2 at one sitting.

  9. Love the video…cute kids…I bet there was not a crumb left, I cannot
    wait to try them I am only on Day7P2 I have a ways to go. Love watching and
    learning from you. Where in Colorado I lived in C/S for 18 years. I loved

  10. Yummy! I like to eat these with berries and heavy cream. It’s like a
    cobbler soooo good.

  11. Hi mamaclok. I’m trying to find the almond flour but my favorite store
    walmart doesn’t have it. Do you think I can just food process my almond and
    then blend them into a powder? I love the ending part of this video…How
    your son what taking your cookie…lol lol lol ANd I love the blending
    music! Malisa

  12. OMG! I love the add on commentary at the end! Your husband I presume- my
    husband talks and mimics the same way!Too funny!

  13. it wasn’t until after the dr oz show, that I recognized “mrs. Ed” aka
    spazzhairlady. I’m looking forward to making a batch of these 🙂

  14. @expresservice Actual almonds? Thats what almond meal is!? Ground up

  15. Awww 🙁 I can’t have this because splenda causes me to get headaches and
    severe hives/itchiness!

  16. omg the voices at the end are hysterical! Especially Mr. Ed! lol 🙂

  17. @hsnnut Hey Girl-where the heck have u been!? Sorry, I don’t have the
    calories for these.

  18. I would say stay away from Splenda, that stuff is horrible for you. Use
    stevia instead.

  19. As suggested from MsHcGGirl …. I am going to make these for a Girl’s
    Weekend coming up!… I cannot wait to make these!… I wonder if homemade
    almond flour would work in this recipe…. it is a bit courser… YUM!!!…
    Thanks, Karen and MsHcGGirl!!!!

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