Looking for HCG Dieters!!

Hello Shane and Wendy Here, We will be starting the HCG diet doing the 40 day plan. We are calling out to the You tube world to see if there are others who w…

24 thoughts on “Looking for HCG Dieters!!

  1. Welcome to the “club”! I’m just finishing the first phase and will look
    forward to watching your progress. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Thanks! Can you tell me how much quantity you can eat in vegetables for
    lunch and dinner? One more thing…can you mix vegetables? Pounds and
    Inches says to only eat one of the approved vegetables but I noticed
    Mamaclok eating salsa, someone else was eating lettuce and tomatoes at the
    same time. I’m confused? Also cooking with onion, does that mean if you use
    some to cook your chicken you can’t have any more vegetables. Any advice
    would help.

  3. Hello Wendy and Shane! I got your comment on YourHCG on facebook letting me
    know about your youtube support group and so I decided to take a look at
    it. 🙂 (I’m Whitney if you were wondering…the one having problems
    cheating…haha) I think what you’re doing is great! And I definitely hope
    and think that it will be a motivator to me to stay strong and stay away
    from the temptation of all the many things we can’t eat…lol. I look
    forward to seeing both of your progress! 😀 YAY FOR HCG!

  4. Whitney, you should join us and do a vlog (video blog) of your own!! Try
    it! It’s fun!

  5. My husband is doing the HCG protocol with me as well. I am on day 14 VLCD
    and he is on day 3.

  6. Hmmmm, you mean like make a Vlog? I am not sure I could look in the camera
    and keep a straight face. 🙂 I will ask my husband and see what he thinks.
    If he is willing to play Anchor I guess I can play co-host. I am giggling
    just thinking about it.

  7. You can do it!! It would be fun!! what is your hunger now on a scale from
    one to ten being 14 days into it already? How were the first 10 days like?
    I’m getting kind of nervous as I am waiting for all my supplies to arrive
    in the mail!! Will I be able to handle all the cravings I know I will
    have!! If you guys get a vlog going soon you could root us on! You will be
    pros by the time we get started!

  8. My hunger pains these days is pretty low. Probably a 4 or 5 on a 1-10
    scale. The first 4 days I was starving at a 10++++. I do struggle with
    energy level but not cravings. I make creative smoothies with my fruits and
    crushed ice for my sweet tooth. I told my dr. about the energy drain and
    she said to spread my protein out in several meals through out the day. 2oz
    here and there. That is kind of tough.

  9. Wow!! Oh Goody I can’t wait :)…:(!! When you say you are mixing your
    fruit, do you put two types of fruit in a blender at one time or are you
    just doing and apple with ice? Yikes that sounds a bit scary! How much
    weight have you lost so far?

  10. I have lost 11.5 lbs in 14 days. I love strawberries in my smoothie and
    sometimes I do an Orange version. Apples I tend to cut up in little chunks
    and snack on them like a finger food. They go too fast when I eat them in
    their original form. I haven’t mixed fruit yet but I don’t think it would a
    show stopper. Some of the mixing rules seem a little Fanatical to me. My
    main vegtables are spinach, asparagus, lettuce and tomatoes. I have done
    zucchini as well.

  11. 11.5 pounds in 14 days is soooo great!!! Keep your eyes on the prize!! One
    more question for you…When you say, “smoothie” what are you using for
    your base? What do you put in the blender? Just curious! I was thinking
    that sugarfree drink mix could help me make it through the cravings, would
    it really hurt things if you had a couple of glasses of crystal light a
    day? Dr. Simeons didn’t have anything like that back in the 60’s! I’m
    thinking if he did it would’ve been ok. What do you think?

  12. I do 9 strawberries 2 cups of crushed ice and 1/2 cup of water and it makes
    a great consistency (real thick). When I use and orange with ice it is more
    slushy vs. smoothie like. I add stevia to both. I tried to do it with
    coffee for a frappicunio but it wouldn’t get firm. I have a hard time
    believing diet sodas, sugarless gum and things like crystal light can have
    that much of an effect on the chemistry of the fat loss but there are those
    fanatics that say they are all absolute NO-NOs.

  13. Have u had any takers? Should be fun to have a competition – which I had
    myself doing a local “biggest loser” contest in my 2nd round. Have fun –
    I’ll be watching 😉

  14. hi guys , this is an awesome experience!!! watch my vids, I will be
    starting again round 3 on august 24th

  15. have you guys had any takers on your friendly competition? my hubby and i
    just started, were on day 15 today. that would be fun!! let me know

  16. I am doing the HCG diet and looking on YouTube and saw the BYU cap. I live
    in Utah and have lost 26 pounds since January 1st on just the Simeon
    protocol. The HCG is fantastic. I wish I had known about it sooner.

  17. Hi there..its not a hard diet to follow, i started 30 days ago..you are
    going to love it and the more you read and look at the videos the more you
    will learn. Thank god for me my daughter who is on it and she is showing me
    the ropes,you can subcribe to her link LATINJULIET,she knows a lot and so
    does Mumzeee..well good luck,oh did i mention i am in my 60’s …..lol

  18. Love what you are doing (did). Although your timeline is different, it
    feels as though I can stick on it with you 🙂 Looking forward to watching
    more of your vlog.

  19. Hi Wendy & Shane when did you start on HCG? I just placed my order of
    hcg!!!! can’t wait to start.

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