Load Day and Injection #1 HCG Diet

This is my first day of injections of the hcg. I clocked in at 177. My load days will probably contribute some more, how exciting. Cant wait to get on the lo…

4 thoughts on “Load Day and Injection #1 HCG Diet

  1. Good luck on your new job! 🙂 I am sure you won’t gain that much on your
    load days! How tall are you? I am at 166 right now and cant fit a 12! 🙁

  2. Well there is the one day diet where you lose all the weight you need to
    overnight. You could try that. LOL! Just kidding. You need to cheer up. You
    are going to lose a bunch of weight and feel great doing it. You will love
    looking at yourself in the mirror afterwards. I’m not kidding. It’s kind of
    funny really.

  3. Be sure to take advantage of the load days and eat LOTS of fatty things–it
    makes the first week much more tolerable. I didn’t eat enough and suffered!
    Good luck, it will start to fall off soon! 🙂

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