Knowing How Electronic Cigarettes Work May Position Smokers on a Pathway to a Healthier Choice for Their Smoking Habit

Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 chemicals, 43 of which are known to be particularly toxic. Health concerns arising from this have resulted in the invention of an e-cigarette. In 2003 a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik invented these electronic devices. E cigarettes enable smokers to carry enjoy their habit in a much healthier way.

The electronic cigarettes come in designs of two, three and four pieces. Amongst the components is the mouth piece or cartridge. They contain the sensor and heating element. Once the sensor turns on the atomizer during inhalation, nicotine juice in the cartridge will change into gas, making a thick, white mist. The longest compartment holds a lithium-ion battery that is re-chargeable, and an electronic logic board. The battery is needed to start the heater each time a person inhales. The electronic component co-ordinates the switching on and off of both the atomizer and the red LED found at the far end.

The liquid used contains ingredients called propylene glycol, or glycerin. These harmless substances hold water making them suitable for any vapor producing applications such as nebulizers, humidifiers, or even asthma sprays. The thick white mist is drawn into the user’s mouth and lungs where nicotine is absorbed through membranes lining these areas.

There are different flavored e-cigarette juices which contain a variety of different nicotine strengths ranging from having none present to an extra high dose. These descriptions translate into amounts from 0 mg through to 36 mg. The latter is comparable to the quantity inhaled in a normal puff of tobacco smoke.

The two piece e cig is considered a more sanitary and user-friendly innovation. Every cartridge is discarded after use. A new atomizer is part of the regularly replaced mouth piece. Therefore, clogging is never a problem. There is not any risk of any liquid spilling onto the user’s skin, nor is there any fear of leaking occurring.

When re-usable mouthpieces are used they may be filled again. They can also have new pads soaked in the e-cigarette liquid placed in them. This requires handling small components, and can thus often be fiddly and frustrating. Re-using a cartridge can allow bacteria to multiply. This may possibly represent a health risk to the user.

The older three-piece design requires assembling more parts. This device also provides less white gas as evidenced during exhalation. Filling up with the liquid can result in a mess. It may also take too long for anyone who wishes to enjoy a hassle-free smoke. Some smokers simply want to put the device to their lips, and draw in the vapor without any bother.

The three-part design contains a battery that is heavier than the newer two-piece option. It also looks less like a true cigarette. Normally a light smoker may need to re-charge once a day, while a heavy user must do this every three hours.

This alternative method of smoking is one that drops the risk typically associated with the traditional habit. Knowing how e cigarettes work has contributed to their popularity. Their ‘virtual smoke’ has 1,000 times less cancer-forming substances present, and they allow for an easy transition from unhealthy tobacco to a chemical free, more socially acceptable alternative.

If you’re trying to stop that horrible habit, then you need to look at at E Cigarette Reviews. The electronic cigarette reviews will tell you all you need to learn.

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