Key Bodybuilding Supplements for growth

Here is my supplements I’ve been taking.

25 thoughts on “Key Bodybuilding Supplements for growth

  1. Why oh why is it that anyone with a nice bulk and some vascularity has just
    GOTTA be taking roids?

    Its not as if he is absolutely huge or abnormally ripped up is it? The guy
    has probably learnt his shit and trained his body well for a few years and
    now sits and reaps the fruits of his hard work and expensive
    supplementation regime.

    Why the hate? All jealous fags.

    Bigup you bro. Looking tonk.

  2. “I’m really into that natural health shit”, yet I take a whole bunch of
    manufactured supplements. Funny.

  3. u don’t rly need all that shit bro.
    whey protein+creatine is enought.. cheap and effeective, the rest is all in
    ure kitchen.

  4. bro no hate ., but you should be honest and show the steroids you inject
    too ; )
    and please dont reply saying that you eat a lot of meat , chicken eggs and
    rice .. lol ., i mean one of the pro already admitted it : that he is
    juicing since ever ( rich piana ) so it s okay if you admit it too ( you
    all ) 

  5. Nearly all the supps you take are useless and get broken down in the liver
    before it EVER reaches your bloodstream. For you gullible newbies out
    there……..protein & dextrose are all you need POST workout! Please
    don’t listen to some 20 year old on roids……….I’m begging you.

  6. He uses steriods I’m a professional trainer in body building, I know a
    steriod user when I see one.

  7. I don’t know anything about gear but I would never take it anyway bc I DO
    know all the risks and about the shrinkage. He looks GOOD though either
    way! I’m 23 and have been very into bodybuilding for 7 months. Weigh 165ish
    5’8 and pretty swolle already but I would LOVE to get like him naturally. I
    mean you CAN get like him in several years without gear can’t you? Just
    eating and going hard 5 times a week I’m sure it can be done…

  8. Is this guy on steroids? cause on his right bicep it looks like he injected
    himself in his vein.

  9. You could have at least covered up the steroid spots and bumps before
    making a video :-)

  10. Don’t you ever feel like a GUINEA PIG taking all these “supplements” & a
    PAWN for muscle mag publishers? You are just making them rich, while who
    knows what damage you are doing to your body? Your older self will be
    extremely pissed off at the bad choices you are making now? Think about
    it! Don’t be a SUCKER!

  11. You don’t seem too sure about what MSM really does – “I guess”. It must be
    true, it’s right there in black & white. It’s all pure GARBAGE! What’s
    wrong with just eating correctly? Magic pills are for dreamers.
    Question: You aren’t trying to be a famous bodybuilder are you?
    Remember: There is only ONE famous bodybuilder, Arnold and he is famous
    only because of movies. (The Rock is the only other famous BBer) *You did
    a good job on this video, no doubt there are gays scoping it. Oh well,
    that’s not new.

  12. I’d kill to look like that ..good work man I don’t have the genes no matter
    what I do I don’t grow so oh well some do some dont’ …you look great man
    keep it up . Orale 

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