Just An Update On Me & Some Simeons Thoughts

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11 thoughts on “Just An Update On Me & Some Simeons Thoughts

  1. Dude love the attitude it’s more of a ” I don’t care that you think my door
    has a hole in it, because it doesn’t ” type of thing! Haha, anyway I’d like
    to hear when your starting up on the protocol again, there’s a sublingual
    way to do hcg now, so you might want to try that out.

  2. You are right, Simeon’s Protocol is not called a “weight loss cure”
    -probably because it doesn’t include making any changes afterwards. But
    when he created the diet, food was not yet controlled by publically traded
    corporations, which have designed our food to make us fat, hungry & coming
    back for more! But I believe Kevin Trudeau’s hCG diet addresses this
    problem, and that’s why he calls his a “cure” – you won’t gain the weight
    back if you abstain from processed food as outlined in his Phase 4.

  3. Good for you for not blaming the hCG and doing it again. Let us know when
    you start and how you’re doing with it. It’s true that Kevin does tell
    people not to go back to the way they were eating or they’ll gain it all
    back. He says that he eats out once in a while but that’s it. He mainly
    does Organic. It’s sad but there’s no cure for processed junk food. Ha. If
    there was I’d buy the pill or have the operation because I love it.
    Uuuughhh! I’m down 19.4 lbs in 21 days.

  4. I tell my friends & family that this is not a miracle cure but a miracle
    assistant!!!! Good thoughts going your way!!!

  5. seems right on the mark with the simeons stuff man. nothing is really a
    miracle cure at this point. If they had one they’d put it in a twinky and
    sell it.

  6. what he said is this…. you lose it fast and you dont gain the waight back
    as fast and you dont gain more then you lost ….like you do on other diets

  7. I dont think the link for the guide is working. just wanted to let you know.

  8. I thought the protocol was suppose to fix your hypothalamus gland to make
    the weight loss a sturdy one? You gained ALL the weight back? 😮

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