IVF Medication Injections – Intramuscular Injection

Nurse Linda of the Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine (SIRM) (http://haveababy.com) demonstrates the process for preparing and administering an intramu…

24 thoughts on “IVF Medication Injections – Intramuscular Injection

  1. Thank you for such a clear and easy to follow video, delivered in a very
    reassuring way. 🙂 A question: if we aspirate blood, is it really necessary
    to toss out the medication, or can we just switch the needle? The blood and
    the medicine are all going to end up in the same place anyway, right? And
    those meds aren’t cheap! Just wondering.

  2. U are soooo helpful. Im going to get those injections in about 2 weeks and
    is sooo nervous haha. I know now how to explain to my friend the best way
    to do the injections. Once again, thank you

  3. This video could have been done better. Would have appreciated it if the
    models butt was directly and squarely facing the camera and not rotated
    towards nurse Linda so we could get a better view and perspective of the
    exact shot location…after all the video is about the shot location and
    not nurse Linda is it not?

  4. WOW!!! Wished you were my instructor! love the way it was presented and how
    easy! no learning about the lilac crest and the greater tricantor and
    measure this and “V” here and 1″ there.. .easy-peasy! Thank You! 

  5. I saw a video of someone having to do this by herself and I feel bad for
    her. If you are near Clayton, MO. I am a MD and more than happy if I am
    home in the evening to do this free for you. Nobody should have to do this
    to themselves, I don’t think I even could

  6. Thanks x posting this video, I followed step by step and felt no pain
    whatsoever. Again, tx so much!

  7. Thank you so much. I was almost freak out because I couldn’t feel muscle.
    Follow your instruction, I don’t have to find it.
    Right on top of the crack.
    Divide to two.
    Use the outside section.
    About 3 fingers high is the area.


  8. hey I was curious, I do this same injection every week but was wondering if
    its ok to be on the more outside, seeing how its easier to reach and
    everytime I go further in theres blood when aspirating, thanks great vid

  9. Great video thank you so much for your guidance. I would like to add that
    our nurse advised us to “ice down” the location of the shot area which
    helped tremendously, The thickness of the needle was a huge source of
    stress for me and having the area numb was the best thing we did. I did
    not feel anything…

  10. Hi my wife gave me an injection for the first time and two things i notice
    she injected the first time and took it out thinking there was a problem
    with the injection she said she didn’t notice anything going in then she
    went again went she said she went half way then injected my testosterone
    all in no blood and she injected below your third finger lower to what you
    were demonstrating 

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