IVF #1 Update | Day 7 of FSH Injections

Were on day 7 of In-vitro stimming shots! Watch to find out how its been going, tentative retrieval date, and current symptoms. Our current meds are: 5 powde…

10 thoughts on “IVF #1 Update | Day 7 of FSH Injections

  1. thanks for the update Jena! It’s so good to get an insight into it all…
    cause if the IUI doesn’t work for me, I will be going down this track
    oneday too. You are a trooper! I hope this is it for you :)

  2. Hi!! I love watching your videos! Y’all are awesome! We are on the same
    cycle.. I’m on stim day 6 and cant wait to get these shots over with! 

  3. Yay oh my gosh possibly Saturday for retrieval! How exciting! You guys have
    totally got this! 12-14 is awesome at this stage! Good Luck over the next
    couple of days!!!!

  4. Girl your hormones are going from “normal” to 40 weeks crazy in 10 days.
    YES you are tired for a reason. Grow follies grow!!

  5. You guys are adorable! I always love watching your videos. Lol sorry it
    took a few times before your injection finally punctured your skin. Hope
    everything goes well at your next ultrasound!

  6. Omg I noticed the same thing with the ganarilex. I screamed the first time
    because of how hard I had to push it in. Wish I had a warning before. That
    was the only shot that left me sore. I have been super tired also during
    the shots.

  7. These videos help a lot. I have a couple questions: Did you tell your
    parents OR work that you were going through the IVF process? I know that
    this can be quite a meticulous process. Did you take PTO during the time
    you were going through the injections? I start IVF in a couple weeks and
    I’m just trying to get prepared! -Amanda

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