Is hcgchica able to maintain her weight loss with the hCG Diet?

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19 thoughts on “Is hcgchica able to maintain her weight loss with the hCG Diet?

  1. AWESOME STATISTICS! if i could get my mom to watch any vlog this would be
    the one…she thinks i’m crazy! lol maybe when she sees me at xmas she
    might be more interested in this “crazy hcg thing”

  2. nice explanation… i know that you have referenced weightloss apocalypse
    book and the hunger scale, out of curiosity do you do the same on P4/cross
    fit ? when ya get on p3/p4… would love to see what you eat. before hcg i
    was doing paleo way of eating and even though i lost, it was not as nearly
    as effective as on hcg… but still fully want to embrace paleo…
    glutenfree, grainfree and as much sugar free.

  3. You have totally transformed your body and you look amazing and you must
    feel awesome!! You did a great job at explaining this! I would love to see
    an example of what you eat when you are in P3/4. I think that would help
    others as well. Hugs to you!

  4. Actually I don’t- to be honest this round is the first time I’ve tried
    eating to hunger ever- for hCG it has worked well. I’m not sure that I will
    ever do that off p2 though- perhaps if I need to, but I do like having more
    freedom when it comes to when and how much I eat. Yep- never lost a single
    pound of fat doing crossfit and eating clean- but it’s great for building
    muscle lol! I’m 100% gluten free for over a year now and for the most part
    grain free too. The only sugar I eat is in fruit.

  5. Great idea! I will add this to my “list of vlogs to make” lol. Sometimes at
    night I get these ideas for vlogs and then I forget in the morning! I
    better write it down right now!

  6. Oh well by all means show it to her then! I would love to help those who
    are leery of the protocol to see the real and true facts about the hCG
    diet- would make it easier for us to do the diet “publicly” lol. Thanks for

  7. Where do you get your body fat tested? Its good you were doing that,
    otherwise how would you know? What type of food do you eat in p4? You say
    healthy but what are you eating, I am curious to know how your inches were,
    probably not much, since muscle is so much denser than fat. I dont know who
    went through your videos to find all of this out, but very detailed :)So
    you are losing fat but not pounds for the most part…I need a fat counter!

  8. I originally googled hydrostatic body fat testing and found a location that
    way. The two best ways to have your body fat tested that you can google are
    for hydrostatic body fat testing, and DEXA scan for body composition (not
    for bone density- make sure the people know how to use the DEXA machine for
    body comp testing not just bone density). These are the two gold standards
    in the industry for body fat testing. In p4 I eat meat/fruit/fats/whole
    fruit/occasional rice in some form. Someone…

  9. else asked me about this too so I will do a vlog about what I eat in p3 and
    p4 okay? Yes during p4 my inches did increase a small amount since i was
    gaining muscle, which does take up space, just not as much as fat. It was
    small enough that I never got out of my size 4’s though- but they would get
    uncomfortable- then my 4th round of hCG rectified that with more fat loss,
    and so on. Thanks for watching!

  10. Sorry to bug u so much its been a while for me lol….Just realized I also
    got to buy Bac-water for injection do u know a site where I can get
    it…Thanks sweetie

  11. I do get right back into xfit day 1 of p3. It has usually been fine for me.
    I did have a lot of fluctuations on the scale after r3 when I did this but
    in the end it turn out to be almost all muscle- but it is important to know
    that you’re eating clean, because I do think fat is still rather volatile
    at that point and will naturally want to go up unless you force it to stay

  12. Oh dear- no right now you must buy the mixing kits that come with the hCG
    on the sites that sell the hCG- bac water is in nationwide shortage and
    can’t really be bought anywhere. You might find a bottle or two if you
    google search, but it will cost you an arm and a leg.

  13. Great vid!! HAHA “no one is going to watch all hundred something
    vlogs”……I DID! You have SO much information and great stats and
    outcomes based on so many different things….how could I NOT watch them
    ALL before I start my first round?! 🙂 You’re wonderful!

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