Invitation to Participate in a HCG Fat Loss Study Conducted by HCGChica (me)

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24 thoughts on “Invitation to Participate in a HCG Fat Loss Study Conducted by HCGChica (me)

  1. I would ne more then happy to help u out. I habe most of the info u are
    asking for on this round recorded. Between mfp and my notes. So I can give
    u that. Just message me on face book and I will give u my address to send

  2. Hey Chica! Be glad to help but cant’ really afford to buy a hand-held
    monitor at the moment. Could be I will be able to in a month or two, but I
    will hopefully already be taking my HCG by then. So I am willing to share
    whatever information I can with the materials I have at hand. If that’s not
    concise enough I totally understand. 🙂

  3. Hi Chica! I live in Panama [down in Central America] and I am interested in
    participate in you research. Just got my drops today, but still have to
    wait for my period. I can buy the handheld bodyfat monitor down here, also
    the Ketone Strips. Let me know if I may be able to participate =)

  4. @JessiHcg Woohoo! This will be great- really looking forward to seeing
    everyone’s stats.

  5. @rillasvilla Hiya! That’s totally fine if you do short rounds- I’d love to
    have you participate- I’ll see if I can do a google search for this monitor
    in Canada ok? Can you email me (in the description box) so I can have your
    communication in one place with the others? Thx!!

  6. Great idea hon…wish I could help…but I believe I’m at the end. So…if
    all goes well…no more Hcg for me. I can’t wait to hear the results of
    your study. I think it’s amazing that you want to do this…it will be very
    helpful to current and future Hcgrs. Best of luck to you hon! Love ya!~

  7. @HHcgCraZy Thank you! Yeah you gettin’ tiny girl! No need to track anything
    else on you cuz there ain’t much left!! :)- So glad you are getting to
    ultimate goal- you look fantastic! I do feel that this is really important
    information we need to discover so that people can be successful- like you!

  8. I love this idea. I just started my 2nd round this week and would love to
    do it but I’m just about to go off unemployment so not totally sure of my
    financials coming up. Maybe I could even do my last 20 days or do this for
    you on my round 3.

  9. @EZCFilmGirl Yeah- whatever works for you girl- the body fat monitor is a
    must to participate, but I totally understand not everyone will be able to
    buy it- if it’s possible for you to do at some point, by all means email me
    and be a part of it- I expect this to be an ongoing study for a year in
    order to collect enough information from enough people as I know people all
    need to take breaks from rounds and many are mid-round or just finished one.

  10. I only have about 5 or 6 lbs left so I might not be a good candidate. I do
    love that you are doing this! Good LUCK! Awesome idea. ( I believe Delmem
    has done some tests like this)

  11. @MsHcGGirl Thank you!! Yes some of you gals are almost done so that’s
    great. Seems like many more are beginning the hcg journey so hopefully this
    will benefit them (and me too!)

  12. I would love to help! I just need to get the items. I should be doing
    another round in march. Please email me:)

  13. @HCGfashionista Lol- saddlebag round!! I love it. Well if you decide to at
    some point, please do think about it- I’ll probably gather data ongoing for
    like a whole year- I’d really like to track quite a number of people to see
    if there are any patterns.

  14. Think it sounds like a great idea!! I am getting close and don’t know that
    I will be doing another round but looking forward to seeing the info you
    compile!! HUGS

  15. Good for you Chica It’s great This is well needed. Shame you can’t do an
    unethical study (joke!)….The results would be interesting though. Good
    luck and best wishes Sally

  16. @homemovies1961 Thank you! I hope the participants enjoy being a part of
    it. Lol- I know right? I always feel bad when I see the studies people do
    where they give people a placebo- I guess sometimes if it won’t hurt them
    it’s okay- but I can purposefully try to make people be unhealthy!

  17. The original protocol can be read in a free pdf online called “pounds and
    inches”- just google and it should come up for free download. Also, in
    general for sublingual 1 bottle of 5,000IU rx hcg will last 15 days. The
    hcg you buy on escrowrefills is in powder form and must be mixed by
    yourself with a sublingual mixing kit- you can find this by doing a search
    on Amazon- sorry it won’t let me post links. Hope that helps!

  18. Just found you and this video. Are you still looking for participants?

  19. Are you still looking for participants? My sister and I will be starting
    HCG injections in January.

  20. You know, this never seemed to get off the ground- I wasn’t able to get too
    many to be able to follow through and gather the needed information.
    However, if you decide to do anything like get some hydrostatic body fat
    testing before and after rounds I’d LOVE to hear your results!

  21. Hey HCG community, I buy the keytone strips in the diabetic section of the
    pharmacy at Wal-Mart for around $6.84. The alcohol swabs are there also for
    $1-2. I prefer to use them when doing the diet to see that I am in
    keytosis, which I usually am quite high on the scale.

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