How To Run A Successful Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) Competitive Bodybuilder, Tim Muriello, Fitness and Supplement Expert for I’, teaches you how to run a proper Post Cycle T…

19 thoughts on “How To Run A Successful Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

  1. as a natural would supplementing aspartic acid increase my estrogen levels
    aswell as test ? like if i supplemented aspartic acid naturally would i get
    some sort of estrogen blocker… cheers 

  2. Run Nolvadex, Novedex XT, or tamox & clomi…. tell these people what they
    need to hear not what your being paid for…. smh

  3. Run tamoxifen. The pharmaceutical nolvadex not the damn supplement store
    nolvadex. I hate when i say take nolvadex to my boys n they say derp erm
    they sell that at gnc right? No. Its tamoxifen citrate. It requires a
    prescription figure it out

  4. what a load of shit milk thistle, it a scam ! if it was that good why don’t
    they give it to people who are piss heads who are drinking from when they
    get up to when they go to bed????

  5. is there a good PCT that can be run after havoc that is not injectable ????

  6. This guy’s a douche and is just trying to sell you shitty supplements that
    won’t really do shit for PCT. He is clearly paid to tell you shit.
    What you need for PCT is HCG and CLOMID. I have tried DAA twice and didn’t
    feel anything. If you want to lower estrogen take arimidex or aromasin. You
    have been running steroids, so for PCT you can’t just take some supplement
    shit or herbal shit.

  7. theres not 1 single product in that store that’s effective in pct.
    To fire up your balls, and combat gyno, your going to need
    1) HCG @ 1000ius EOD for 10 days
    2) Nolvadex+ Clomid or nolvadex+proviron for 5 weeks.
    Nothing in this store will achieve whats needed for you to recover after a
    AAS cycle.
    Who is this guy kidding?!!

  8. If I’m taking Bio Gro and Isa Test, do I need PCT for my post cycle?

  9. Hcg doesnt last forever. U will loose gains and everything else om hcg. And
    most of u morons dont take enough hcg. At 30 bucks-120 for hcg per bottle
    kit. And u need 1 bottle 5k a week. So do the math before u jump on hcg
    band wagon. Take letrozole

  10. So people read the same old bullshit sprouted for the past 10-20 years
    about nolva and clomid and think that they do ANYTHING whatsoever to
    restore HPTA, they don’t. If you want a real PCT, you need to educate
    yourselves beyond reading ‘clomid or nolva brah’ as the 100% be all end all
    PCT solution. Idiots

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