How to mix Sublingual hCG – easiest method (Oral hcg)

Sublingual or Oral hCG Recipe and Formulation. Step by step instructions. –This is an updated video using my current kit supplies. It replaces the old fiv…

13 thoughts on “How to mix Sublingual hCG – easiest method (Oral hcg)

  1. Hey, just wanted to let you know I used the mix from your previous videos.
    I only mixed 10000 iu- is that correct- because I noticed others are using
    15000 iu for a 40 day supply. I’m not hungry at all and doing great on the
    10000 iu mix.. Thanks for the great info.

  2. @miltdanfoss Hey thanks for responding I did the mix with glycerin and
    vodka- it tasted fine. I just finished my 40 day round- the HCG maintained
    potency and….the 10000 iu was enough for me to release 27.6 pounds…so
    thank you for making your video so simple to follow. I have directed
    friends to your website – it just seems easiest to get the kit from you.
    Hope your doing well on your journey this time around.

  3. Dan, you say .5 ml dosage a few times and then you actually pull .25 to put
    it in your mouth. So, which should it be? .5 two times a day OR .25 two
    times a day? Thanks!

  4. sorry, you say .5 first and once. you say .25 a few times. just want to be
    sure, which is it?

  5. Got the kit and the hcg mixed it all up. Make sure you guys look at the
    vials with the water mine were only 3ml of water so I had to use 3 and then
    a 4th one to get the 10 but I got plenty of water from the kit so it was no
    prob! I also put a little tape at the. 25ml to make it faster when measuring

  6. How old is this video? Studies have shown that alcohol breaks down the HCG
    at an accellerated rate… should be using collodial silver…

  7. Why is Collidial Silver so dangerous? Many users use it. Can you point me
    in the direction I need to go to read the dangers myself. Thanks…Great

  8. I’m thinking about mixing my hcg your way, and I was wondering when you
    dose at .25 how much hcg or you taking?

  9. Please, please point me to a study that shows HCG is bioavailable through
    the mucosa.

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