How To Increase Testosterone In Your Body For Greater Weight Loss

Trying to get in shape with a low amount of testosterone in your body is like pushing a boulder up a hill while someone clings to your feet. After all, not only does this hormone build lean tissue mass, but it also breaks down fat cells.

Unfortunately, most people are not optimizing testosterone production in their bodies.

Thus, here are 6 strategies for ramping up testosterone for better fat loss:

1. Eat healthy fat: The more fat in your diet the more testosterone you will produce. You see, dietary fat provides the building blocks for testosterone production. So avoid any type of low fat diet here for best results.

2. Don’t fragment your sleep: Fragmented sleep is testosterone’s number one enemy. You see, testosterone is produced before you wake up. Thus, if your sleep is fragmented, testosterone secretion in your body will be reduced.

3. Increase the volume of your workouts: By increasing the amount of exercise you do, levels of testosterone will sky rocket. This is your body’s natural response to high volume training. Just make sure the length of your workouts doesn’t increase too much.

4. Don’t stick with light weights: You are going to want to go heavy here for the best results. At the very least, incorporate some sets in the ten repetition range for the best results. If you only stick with lighter weights not only will you burn less calories, but you will produce less testosterone.

5. Keep blood sugar low: High blood sugar will assault your progress on many levels. And one level of assault is at the hormonal level. You see, high blood sugar and by extension, insulin will decrease testosterone output in your body.

6. Keep stress at bay: The worst type of stress comes from people that have control over you. You see, when someone dominates you in a negative way testosterone goes down. So avoid any type of social structure where people have influence over you.

Testosterone does many things in your body besides build muscle and burn fat. So take action here sooner rather than later!

Author Katherine Crawford, an exercise expert and recent flabby arms sufferer, instructs on how to tone arms. Figure out how to get sexy arms by visiting her blog with advice on how to lose arm fat now!