How to do Phase 3 hCG Diet – the Not Gonna Work Way

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6 thoughts on “How to do Phase 3 hCG Diet – the Not Gonna Work Way

  1. I’ve cheated during halloween w/ the kids chocolates .. have blown my week
    4 in round 2. will apple days get me back and off plateau? i’m basically
    doing EVERYTHING you’ve mentioned in this video.. almost sabatage. groans

  2. you are so real and adorable. thank you for being candid and offering this
    wonderful gift of yourself to us. i know you do it from your heart and
    it’s not a paid service so that’s what makes it real, down to earth and
    unique! thanks again.

  3. hey really considering but have so many questions because I am hypothyroid
    and have hashimoto’s. do you know anything about AIP and does that work
    better in healing than the hcg? I really need help to make decision. 🙂 

  4. I love you Chica!!! Thank you for this vlog and for being so candid and
    honest. I wish I could give you a big hug! I’ll definitely apply these
    tips:-) hugs! Carla 

  5. Your videos keep me going, when I see a pop up for new videos LOL I’m
    always excited. I sit w/ my coffee and ready to watch hahahhaa… The 3 day
    loading discussion makes sense where it brings back the binge eating habit
    and ppl could feel horrible on the first wk. But I noticed that for me it
    works more in a psychological sense, if I don’t load OMG I ruin my diet cos
    I feel like I missed out. I’m back on it again and I had just started on
    Sunday, I never do 3 days cos I feel it’s much so I do 2 days but my 1st wk
    is always the easiest. On the 10th day-ish it starts getting harder. But
    I’m going to DO THIS!!!!! last yr I lost 40 pounds and now I added 20
    pounds, so I have to do this again and maintain that’s the hardest part
    really. THANKS AGAIN! :)

  6. +Michelle B I’ve totally blown it with the Halloween candy from the kids. I
    finally told my husband to take the bag of candy upstairs and put it in the
    closet so that I can’t access it!!!

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