how to do a b12/lipo shot IM injection, fat burner shot

How to do the lipotropic injection, IM injection, fat burner shots, how to loose weight.

25 thoughts on “how to do a b12/lipo shot IM injection, fat burner shot

  1. hello i was wondering what am i suppose to eat and how much ? my friend
    ordered from u but she havent started yet and i was wondering do i need to
    oreder the extra b12 or is it enough

  2. I like to shoot for a1000 cal a day at first, yogurt, fruit fish veggies
    healthy choice and if I want something sweet edys whole fruit popsicles.
    Eat small but frequent I would eat a yogurt when I get up then in an hour
    or so eat a grapefruit. Your stomach will get use to the small portions and
    soon you will notice you always have left overs. The one b12 in the lipo is
    fine, but I like an extra of the b12 so just depends on you.

  3. are there any side effects because I read that it could to ur liver and
    kidneye is that true

  4. I have done the injections in the past but stopped. But, I did lose weight.
    However, I was only able to get 30ml. I have gained about 15 lbs back and
    will start doing injections again. Please share where you get yours from. I
    have never seem a bottle that large.


  6. I am very confused to why you can’t do an injection shot on youtube? I have
    seen tons of people do the same type of shot on youtube. You need to look
    into that. Something smells a bit funny. Congrads on your weight loss.

  7. Hey, how are you? I have a question. where did you get the b12 and the
    needles from?

  8. Thank you its so sweet qhen someone is willing to offer info that helps
    congrats on ur wieghtloss

  9. U so prompt in answering question how long will it take to arrive i am in

  10. sorry i was on vacation. it takes about a week and a half for the whole
    process somtimes faster depending on the pharmacy

  11. it means lipotropic injections..its a combo of amino acids that when
    compounded together help your body to burn off fat and expose of it .

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