How To Align Your Body For More Effective Exercise

A body that is out of alignment is a body that cant exercise efficiently. And if you aren’t exercising efficiently you can’t push yourself as hard as possible.

To make matters worse, being out of alignment accelerates the degeneration of your joints.

So here are 6 strategies for enhancing your posture to prevent damage:

1. Stretch your chest often: If you have a desk job like the majority of the population you probably have a tight chest. And a tight chest will make it very hard for your body to stay aligned. Even worse, it will compromise the health of your rotator cuff.

2. Keep the back of your upper body strong: This will compliment keeping the front of your upper body loose. You see, as your chest and shoulders become tight, your upper back is likely to become long and weak. So make sure you strengthen this area.

3. Avoid working from the seated position all day: Working from the seated position puts you on the fast track to lower back failure. You see, sitting down all day puts excess stress on the discs in your lower back. This in turn can increase the rates of degeneration.

4. Get the best chair you can afford: Ergonomic chairs are very expensive, but how much is your lower back worth? You see, for best results you want to work from an ergonomic chair when you are not in the standing position.

5. Use myofascial release: Static stretching isn’t a waste of time, but there are much more effective modalities out there that will correct faulty movement patterns. Myofascial release is one modality that can accomplish this.

6. See a specialist: Your best bet here is to see a physical therapist. They will do a great job at keeping your body in balance with a wide variety of modalities that you can’t do on your own. One such modality is electrical stimulation.

Poor posture can make exercise very damaging for your body. So make sure you take action here sooner rather than later because later never comes!

Author Katherine Crawford, an exercise physiologist and recent arm fat sufferer, instructs on how to get toned arms. Unearth how to get sexy arms by exploring her website with advice on how to lose arm fat now!