How the hCG Diet Improved Their Health – Real hCGer Feedback – Episode 2

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25 thoughts on “How the hCG Diet Improved Their Health – Real hCGer Feedback – Episode 2

  1. LET me know when you do an other one i want to send you one , my great
    experience with hCG

  2. Great! I will announce the topic through youtube and my blog in another 2-3
    weeks so keep your eye out!

  3. Wow, all you guys did a great job, thanks hcgchica, today was one of those
    days that i needed motivation and here i found it, love all of you guys!

  4. these videos are so awesome and inspiring. i hope you do more.

  5. Awesome, sorry I missed this one! I no longer need thyroid medicine and
    have more energy than I have for years at 50 years old 😉

  6. You did an excellent job Miss Chica! Looking forward to another one!

  7. you have a wonderful way of introducing your videos… every single video
    you upload has a lot of meaning and is so motivating…… keep it up

  8. why am I feeling that I am the only man who is interested in hcg!!!!

  9. thanks! I plan to get her on more eventually, just hasn’t happened until
    now when I begged her for a video lol. 😉 I’m so glad everyone is enjoying
    them- I really enjoy editing them much more than just a video of me, so it
    works for everyone!

  10. Sorry Nasser- as a matter of fact so that you don’t feel so alone, I do
    have an interview with a male on hCG coming in 2-3 weeks time- he has lost
    over 100 lbs with hCG- I think men on hCG are more common than it appears,
    but it seems men are as not into sharing or getting into the “community”
    aspect of hCG- that’s my guess anyway- so they’re around, just hiding. I’m
    trying to pull them out of hiding but they’re hard to find!

  11. Thank you so much Nasser- I really appreciate this comment- it means a lot
    to me.

  12. Hey btw just for you, I started a playlist title males/men on the hCG Diet-
    check it out- I believe there are at least 4 or so currently on hCG or
    recently, and a few others I’ve found so far from the past.

  13. Hey HCGCHICA Iam currently on my own weightloss journey Iam not an Hcg user
    as of now but your stories touch me none the less and really helps to keep
    me motivated. Wonderful job continue the inspirations cause you never know
    who’s watching and who’s life videos like these are touching. Much love to
    all my weight loss journey-ers!!! Xoxo 😉

  14. Oh wow it’s so wonderful to hear that someone on a different diet journey
    can still get motivation and encouragement from these types of videos!
    Thank you so much for sharing. Now I want to continue making them even
    more! Best wishes to you as wel.

  15. Thanks laurie! So sweet of you to watch. These ladies are truly inspiring
    And yes! Finally my mom got to come on!

  16. Miss HCG Chica thank you so much for being so dedicated to this cause. I
    know this takes a great deal of your time and it is not easy to get people
    together to present a video like this. You have been a god send to me!
    Thanks doesn’t seem like enough to say.

  17. You are sweet- thank you very much- it does take a lot of time but is so
    rewarding to see the final result.

  18. I did hhcg in 2011 and lost about 20 pounds (I kept it off for 2 years, had
    a traumatic experience and reverted back to old eating habits and gained it
    back). Three days into the diet I was stricken with debilitating fatigue
    that lasted over two years (during that time, I had to do a lot of adrenal
    supporting). I think the diet triggered something that maybe was latent,
    or maybe the drops weren’t real… Either way, I know it was the diet that
    caused the fatigue. That being said, I want to try again but I’m scared
    that the same thing will happen. I plan on using one of the manufacturers
    that you review on your website, so I know this time the hcg will not be
    the problem. I am also much healthier now and no longer suffer from
    anxiety but the fear remains. Do you have any ideas as to what the diet
    could have triggered? Could it be that I am just so sensitive to hormonal
    fluctuations? Do you get tired (like, really tired) while you’re on the
    diet? Thank you in advance! So much love and appreciation for you and
    what you’re doing.

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