HCG(P2) VLCD 11,13 …..Apple Day Results…..Week 2 Body Shots…..

Read Okay so this is my end of week to total weightloss so far on hcg is 9.8lbs Week Two on Hcg I lost a total of 2.8lbs Had a bit of a cat and mouse but i’m…

19 thoughts on “HCG(P2) VLCD 11,13 …..Apple Day Results…..Week 2 Body Shots…..

  1. Fantastic apple day results girl! Things do slow down after the first week
    sadly! You are doing so well though!

  2. Your face is getting slimmer! Great apple day!! Looks like things are going
    good 🙂 I can tell the inches are melting, yay!!

  3. Ya, unfortunately all good things must come to an end…. Even though the
    losses won’t be as large as in the first week, you will still have losses
    continuously. Can tell you have lost alot of inches. Keep up the good work!
    See less of you next time!

  4. Good job,girl, I know its not easy. I’m on a diet too, not hcg but i am
    getting alot of good tips from this, Gotta try an apple day. Thanks for
    sharing your journey 🙂

  5. Were you stalled for 4 days, hence apple day? It’s a stall breaker correct?

  6. @hotchocolett: you eat 1 steak/mug cake when theres a stall to break it. U
    usually get stalls about 10days out in the diet. Thats norm. So you eat 1
    steak only, then mug cake. I always lost more wt when I did a steak/cake
    day than steak/apple day. Its really coconut in the cake that makes u go
    deeper into ketosis. Thats the heart of the Simeons diet. I think
    ketosticks are VERY imp. You know ur loosing if ur in the 40-80range. If
    you eat choc delight that also helps stay in keto. I ate nightly.

  7. I did not even see love handles till you pointed them out. You look great.
    Keep it up!!!!

  8. hello. i want to try this diet but im so confused on how it works. are they
    pills you take or what? please explai to me and how much weight you have
    lost so far and kept off and any side affects??

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