HCG (Walmart) Week 1: It Works

Cybertrim Pro HCG from local Walmart for 19.88 + tax. Starting weight (9/14/12)= 181.2 Current weight (9/24/12)= 172.0 In the video I said 174, which is corr…

25 thoughts on “HCG (Walmart) Week 1: It Works

  1. i follow the diet pretty close thats given in the pamphlet. i usually eat a
    4oz piece of chicken and either steamed cabbage, broccoli, or spinach twice
    per day. I honestly eat all the veggies i want to get full. sometimes i
    will make a salad with lettuce, grilled onions and peppers and chicken, i
    use salsa for dressing. like a fajita salad…soooo good. and i drink the
    Bolthouse Farms fruit/veggie smoothies sometimes.

  2. im sure its possible but i wouldn’t recommend it, cutting out all the bad
    stuff really helps because its the breads and sugars that we crave that
    usually keeps us from losing weight…well me rather.

  3. It’s great to see the promotion of healthy eating! The HCG acts as a
    placebo and energy booster, if you follow a healthy diet you will lose
    weight – simple and short. I have experience with HCG and would not
    recommend it to anyone. Healthy eating, exercise, water, and sleep is all
    you need. xoxo

  4. any headaches or side affects?? because hydrocut works as well i just
    couldn’t handle the headaches

  5. thank you for commenting…and i agree with you completely about gaining
    the weight back which is why i usually shy away from fad diets with quick
    results. i would just like to get my body to a better starting point but ur
    right if u go back to normal eating habits it all will definitely come
    back, i have no intentions of repeating this diet in the future due to the
    extremeness of it. i think what u do after the diet is over is way more
    important than getting the weight off initially.

  6. yes days 1 and 2 of the low calorie diet, but none since then. and i
    frequently get headaces anyway so its weird that i haven’t experienced a
    headache since then. no other side affects that i notice so far.

  7. The FDA close it down no one can hardly get it anymore I was told I sew it
    this sunday a lot of people say it will not work?

  8. I used this stuff too. It works I was never hungry but I have one word of
    advice prune juice And colace. Other wise you will have problems.

  9. Congrats on the weight lost. I myself am down 8lbs,trying to keep it up but
    with my issues with my legs its hard at times. Imma press on : )

  10. I heard of this diet… But like someone stated in the comments below just
    eat right and exercise i lost 42 lbs in one year due to hard work. You have
    to train your body to eat right discipline it and the results are amazing
    it takes time to get where u want to be

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  12. Thank you for posting this video. Really helpful! And this might sound
    weird but I like your voice, it is kind of soothing! Would be good for
    radio. 🙂 Again, thanks

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