HCG VLCD 12 & 13- 4/13/13

Rx injection & funny husband – Oh geez, I have my dates and vlcd days mixed up. Today is vlcd 13. http://youtu.be/PtsIteNVxx4 VLCD 12- Breakfast: coffee, sf …

23 thoughts on “HCG VLCD 12 & 13- 4/13/13

  1. Oh my gosh Lisa this is a classic story! Glad you don’t have to “sneak”
    anymore 😉 It’s so frusterating trying to explain HCG and the protocol-I’m
    totally with ya on that one! Wishing you all the best this round! ~Jenn

  2. Yes, I’m happy he knows now. Now, to prevent the bruising for future
    reference. He just worries about me and I don’t want him worrying. Now,
    he’s joking around about it and making fun of himself and the silly dream.
    :::sigh::: He can be a bit exhausting at times but I love that man. haha

  3. You look so cute in you cap!! I have never bruised or blead. Just little
    red pick marks on my flabby, pasty white tummy!! Glad you told hubby the
    truth. You can rest more easily now. Ya, people just don’t get it. I just
    tell them I do low carb. I thought the stuff from HCG Chica was really
    expensive. Do you mix your own? Much cheaper and load my own syringes. Go
    run your errands…. Hugs back at ya!!

  4. LOL Thanks Sandy. I think how I bruised myself was I did the injection
    without my glasses and put it in awkwardly and then the other time may have
    hit a blood capilary. I’m a bit clumsy too so, I’m used to bruises. haha.
    Yes, it was pricey and it came with the whole mixing kit with syringes.
    Just made it a lot easier for me and I got it within a week, since it’s
    from here in the U.S. xo

  5. Too cute… haha… we had a nice night ; ) Interesting how some bruise
    more easily than others… are you jabbing it in? Hugs and love… glad you
    have told him and it is all covered now!

  6. Thanks gorgeous. I put injected awkwardly without wearing my reading
    glasses (yes, I have to wear those now when I have my contact lens in.
    sucks getting old). Also, I am always rushing in the morning. Hugs and love
    to ya.

  7. Bahaha..him thinking it was an affair probably lessened the blow of it
    being Rx injections…lol. Let them expect the worst and then it won’t seem
    so bad…lol. My hubby saw the injections (didn’t tell him until they came)
    he freaked, but only because he has a major needle phobia..lol. Hubby’s
    they are too much some time. You are your own person and did your homework
    so no reason to let others get to you! Hugs!

  8. Thanks Jen! Yes, I certainly think it lessened the blow. I wish when I did
    my homework, I’d retain some of the stuff I’ve learned, it certainly would
    help when someone catches me off guard asking questions about it. LOL Awe
    your hubs has a needle phobia. One of my sister’s is the same way.

  9. I totally get what you mean.. I have told very few just for that reason. I
    got a couple bruises but nothing bad. Some just bruise so much easier than

  10. Shamers, shamers for lying to him! What he “thought” was worse than what it
    was…but you got away with one whole round of injections? You just
    postponed the drama…but you DID get a good story for us out of it!
    Hmmmm….what would you REALLY have to do that is naughty to get bruises
    like THAT? Inquiring minds want to know! lol Cheryl

  11. Yes, what he so called dreamed is worse. I like how he said it was a dream
    and not say what he’s really thinking. I would have asked him why he would
    think of such a thing but as I mentioned I’m a horrible liar and his so
    called dream was so out there it made me laugh literally out loud. He knew
    I was hiding something and his imagination got the best of him. I figured
    I’d put an end to his suffering and fess up. LOL

  12. Yes, I’m sure I haven’t heard the end of his complaining about the whole
    thing. He just cares about me. 🙂

  13. Omg that was so funny. Poor hubby, what those bruises put him through. Lol

  14. LOL have hubby look at my detox scar vlog….I’m still marred from a
    freakin bath a BATH…its just a couple bruises vs mom squeezing into
    double digit mom jeans…relax hubby relax 🙂

  15. I know, my man is like, “injecting?? Whaaaaat???!” I get bruises
    too….Isn’t it a relief to come clean, though?

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