HCG: VLCD 11 -15.4 ~*~ Injections

HCG: R1, P2, VLCD 11: Released 15.4, start weight 198.8, now 183.4.

12 thoughts on “HCG: VLCD 11 -15.4 ~*~ Injections

  1. Great job! I use the 29… 1/2 inch 1ml too. I like the 29.. any thinner
    and sometimes the needle bends : ) It is so much easier to inject! No
    brainer and poof … done! So fun to meet with HCGers… easy and
    relaxing… we always have such a good bond! No analyzing necessary on a .4
    gain… especially after a big drop like the day before. Keep rocking it!

  2. Are you taking your sublingual mixture and now injecting it? If you did,
    there may be a difference in the dosage number. Keep rocking it and give
    your body time to adjust to the hcg now being injected.

  3. that may be why you went up i switchedlast week from the drops to rx hcg ..
    not the injections but the real … over the hompo pathic and it take me a
    week to get … back on tract … i think your body needs to get get used
    to the new hcg or the way your taking it.. thats my thoughts …. doing
    great beautiful….

  4. I miss you too Gina! Thanks for your encouraging comments. We need to
    meetup again, I miss you too. WHAT an instant bond! Who does that? Only HCG

  5. Thanks Liscar, It is soooooooooooo much easier. Did you see my vid where I
    talk about you? It is the one about support, check it out.

  6. Thanks for that warning, just in case, I wouldn’t have put that together
    and just thought I was holding water or something.

  7. Oh Meme, it is so easy and I felt the first one, but don’t even feel it. It
    doesn’t even bleed.

  8. Yes HebbieDobby, I read in someone’s blog that if I mixed with sodium
    chloride then I am okay…right? Or? I used a whole bottle of sodium
    chloride that I bought off Michelle’s HCG supplies. I just gave it a
    pregnancy test and it is prego!!!!!!!!! I adore you and can’t wait to hang
    out again.

  9. so happy you had an hcg hookup! How exciting for YOU! I love your attitude
    about NOT analyzing. -.4 is so small anyways! Your stats are crazy good! I
    wish you had contacted me about needles. I have a vlog on that. Good luck! ♥

  10. Thanks MsHcGGirl, I wish there was somewhere there could be a list where
    people could look for certain things like: Guidelines for interaction in
    this community, Everything to know about injections, etc.

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